Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Camps and Office Dancing

I can't believe we're ending the third week of summer already!  I keep thinking of next week, and the week after and thinking how this summer is already flying by!

I think I told you before that Lallie spent the first week of camp at regular old extended day at her school.  She wasn't thrilled about this, but she was able to spend the week with one of her best friends from another school, so that excited her.  Lallie doesn't like just playing all day, she likes to be engaged and learning (which of course, as a parent, am thrilled with that!)

Last week, she was at a coastal oceanographic camp where she got to go seining in the inlet, visit the beach, play with stingrays and sea life and learned all about sea turtles. She had an absolute blast and even said that the mosquito bites were worth the biting since she had so much fun (and let me tell you....fifty or so mosquito bites, they could not be stopped!)  Poor thing literally looked beat up by time the week was over (not to mention hitting herself in the head with the car door didn't' help!)  But she had a blast and has already requested to go back next year.

This week, she's at Vacation Bible School at our Church and loving it.  Lallie is not headed to Broadway anytime soon.  Other than dance recitals where she can't see the audience due to bright lights and all the other kids are doing the same thing as she, Lallie does not like to be up front performing.  She usually sits like a bump on a log during VBS singing and dancing activities.  I'm always told she participates, just not in dancing or singing.  So, when I walked in yesterday to see her standing on a pew, dancing and singing....a HUGE smile came to my face!  Yay!  She's breaking out of her shell!!

In other news, Lallie is still hanging out with me in my office during the morning until 8:45 or so.  Most camps don't' start until 9 am and I'm usually in the office by 7:15 so I can leave early an spend my afternoons with her (or at gymnastics).  She has activities from summer worksheets, reading, drawing, toys, sometimes a movie on the ipad and this morning, I was graced with a dance recital.

Happy Thursday Y'all!