Monday, June 3, 2013

Last Day of Kindergarten, Dance Recital and A Glider Recovering Project

This weekend was a whirlwind!  Starting with Friday, a day with mommy crying in the car after dropping off Lallie for her very last day of Kindergarten.....ever.  I've never been overly emotional about Lallie growing up.  Yes, I was the heartless mother that dropped off my child at school after returning to work without a single tear.  It's not that I didn't miss her every ounce of the day, I just didn't operate in that emotional way at that time of our lives.  

But, when Lallie walked through that lunch line to get a snack during kindergarten orientation saying "no mommy, I can go myself".....whoa waterworks, right there, in the school cafeteria, in front of all the other mommies!  I told my friend, R, that I was crying on Friday and she said it was partly because I'm pregnant (which is big, fat yes.  I mean, I did cry during the last thirty minutes of Ramona and Beezus.)  So, yes, that's part of it, but most of it is that she is just growing up so fast! 

Here she is right before school Friday morning.  She wanted to wear her Lilly skirt and dress up for the last day.  My sweet big girl heading off to first grade!  *Tear, Tear, Smile, Smile*

Lallie also had her spring dance recital this weekend.  Oh, how she was LIVING THE DREAM!!!!  She danced to a Rapunzel song, her absolute, most favorite princess in the whole, wide world!  She couldn't have been more excited!!  She did wonderfully and is moving up into Ballet I next year and will dance (if she decides to audition) in the Nutcracker at Christmas and the big show as the end of the year!  

She also loves the recitals because she gets to wear makeup.  
Twice a year and that is all. 

(Above). Her best friend in the entire world holding her hand on the way to the recital.  These two have known each other since Lallie was 2 of her life.  They were blessed to be in the same kindergarten class too!  A's little sister danced in the recital as well. 

And three beautiful besties!  These three were in Pre-Kindergarten together and were blessed to be in dance class too!  K (on the right) is a fantastic gymnast and is moving on to concentrate there rather than dancing next year, but we're hoping Lallie and E (on the left) can work out their schedules to dance together in the fall.  I also had K every Friday afternoon for the last nine months before dance class.  Lallie and K had the best time on their playdates.  Love these three beauties!  They all three go to different schools so we're really trying to make a point to keep them in touch.  They are spending some weeks of the summer in the same camps.
(Above). Sunday morning, my little watermelon getting ready for church!  The shoes and bow were custom made by a friend of mine!  Stayed tuned this week.  She has an amazing Etsy shop and it will not disappoint!

Last but not least, we started working on the nursery this weekend.  Husband started painting and I recovered the glider!  I can't wait to show you the finished product!  This has been the best glider and the cushions are still nice and comfy.  It was my comfort and rest during those nighttime feedings and later became a fabulous reading chair and comforting chair for Lallie during those tough to get her to bed nights (or temper tantrums).  It's been wonderful!  But all that use has taken some toll on the fabric.  So, for a mere $35.00 and about 6-7 hours of total time, I recovered it this weekend.  I still have to staple down the ottoman and sew on the buttons, but I'm hoping to do that tonight and do the big reveal later this week.

Next project?  Curtains for the nursery, Lallie's room, guest bedroom and the den!  Part of the new baby coming has meant moving things around in the rest of the house.  I'll reveal all those very soon as well!

Happy Monday Y'all!


  1. The costume is so cute. And I love the watermelon dress.

  2. One of my nieces loves dance! We would fly up to MD to see her in the Nutcracker each season. She loved dressing up too :)

  3. I can't wait to see the final glider! And the nursery! xo