Thursday, February 13, 2014

And now we're caught up!

Here's a few pictures from the last few days.  Thankfully it's warm again (sorry, I'm not saying that to be mean to my northern friends), but H.G. has SO many southern frocks, Lilly outfits and sweet little onesies to wear before she grows out of them!  She's already 14.5 pounds!  She's an EATER!  She's been eating anywhere between 32 and 36 ounces of milk a day!  And due to GERD reflux (yes, she's been diagnosed with it and it hurts if she doesn't take her medicine), she's on rice cereal in her bottle at night since three months.  I kid you not, I complain about her flying through outfits, but at least she gets a chance to wear them all as she changes clothes no less than 6 times a day due to spit ups (and drool....I'm pretty sure she's starting to teeth).  

Anyways, with this warmer weather, bring on the smocked frocks!  :-)  OH, and the big bows too of course!

And monogrammed dresses and rears (gotta monogram the diaper covers!)  I can't wait for her to fit in her Lilly outfits that match Lolly's.  See Lolly in the background?  H.G. has a dress that matches. 

This's already too tight around her chunky little thighs!

And of course, like mommy like daughter.  We're gettin' our pearls and Chanel on!  ;)

Happy Friday Y'all!