Monday, February 24, 2014

Book Club...For First Graders

With the birth of H.G., working from home during maternity leave and now back to work, I'm afraid I've been lacking in volunteering in Lolly's first grade classroom.  It's difficult to bring a baby to school during the day as it's very distracting for the class. 

Not too long ago, Lolly told me that one of her friends was reading a book, said it was really good and that she would like to read it too.  This got me thinking about a first grade book club.  It's time for the kids to be reading outside the classroom (which the already do for homework) but on their free time and then get together and discuss in a fun setting.

So, I started the first grade book club for her class and the first club was a blast!  I had nine kids and we read the first book in the Magic Tree House series.  It was called Dinosaurs Before Dark. 

These kids were on the ball!  They remembered every detail of the book and we completed several exercised including self expression (i.e. what would you do?) and memory questions.
For our next club, we are going to read the first book in the Boxcar Children  series, appropriately named The Boxcar Children.  Lolly already read this book over Christmas with Granny but she's excited to read it again and discuss it with her classmates. 

I've also had many more kids sign up this time around after hearing how much fun our first club meeting went!

If you know of any great First Grade books that would go well with a book club, I'm open to suggestions!  We have two more meetings after our March meeting before the school year ends, so I'm looking for two more book ideas!

Happy Monday Y'all!


  1. The loved the Boxcar Children books I read. And what a wonderful idea to start a book club for kids that age.