Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Month 3 ...

January was a fairly quiet month for us.  The first two weeks consisted of my spending as much time at home with H.G. and Lolly has possible before I started back to work on the 13th.  I'm now working full time, but from home on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I LOVE this new schedule and even with being home, I'm quite productive and handling everything just fine.
Of course, until last week when our computer died and I got behind again.  But that's since been resolved (not sure if I told you but I worked from home the entire three months of my maternity leave.  I love my job and due to its nature, I couldn't just pick up and leave.  That and I was still getting paid!)

So here's a quick and short snapshot into January!
H.G. LOVES bath time!  It is the quickest way to calm her right before bed. 

 My parents FINALLY met H.G.!  They came down for a nice long visit the weekend before I went back to work and they got lots of snuggle time in.
Oh...and my dad, he's gone nuts.  He bought a BMW convertible.  For those of you that know my dad in real life, you'll understand why my jaw is still dropped on that one.
Mom?  Well she's loving it as she's always secretly wanted a sports car.  Specifically, a Dodge Stealth, which coincidentally, Husband used to have one before we met.

Lolly LOVED riding in the convertible and I have to admit, I quite liked driving it.  Husband's been trying to convince me to get one but I keep resisting due to family travel.  Maybe someday.

January 8th, 3 months old!  Chunky little monkey!  So different from Lolly who was 12 pounds at five months versus H.G.'s three months. 

Practicing sitting up while playing with princesses with big sister.  These two have SUCH an amazing bond!  On the rare occasion that H.G. is very fussy, all Lolly has to do is lay down with her and stroke her head or hold her hand and she immediately calms.  Even in the car with the holding of her hand.  When I see this, I immediately stop and have visions of Lolly at 25, possibly married, talking to her college aged little sister, consoling her about some heartache, ranting about a horrible teacher or congratulating on a great accomplishment and I can't help but say a little prayer....that they remain like this forever.  Best friends.

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

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