Thursday, July 23, 2009

Granny's Last Day

Yesterday was Granny's last day with us. We had a wonderful time with Granny and thankfully, she was able to stay a few extra days while Hubby has been working late hours. He's had a lot of fires he's had to put out at work lately and since he's the boss man, he's had to deal with it all. The poor guy is tired and stressed, so having Granny here a few extra days has really helped us out and kept peace in our household.

We went out to eat last night, and daddy was able to join us for a little while! Going out is always an adventure with Baby Girl in tow! We had just gotten out of the pool before we went, so Baby Girl's hair was still wet when I put it up into a pony tail. She still looks awfully cute in my opinion! We then posed for a few pictures, or attempted rather!

At dinner, Baby Girl did quite well. Of course, she didn't eat anything but french fries. I don't blame her, they are great fries. She also insisted on going back and forth in sitting with mommy on one side of the table, and then daddy and Granny on the other side. We were in a booth (helps keep two-year old confined), so she'd walk across the table back and forth. Thank goodness she's tiny, so those that could see her in the restaurant thought it was cute. We were a little embarrased, as it's not particularly good manners to put your feet on the table (a manner we're currently trying to learn - so much for today's teaching!)

We had a wonderful time with Granny. We will miss her greatly and look forward to our visit up north to the farm in early September. Our next company - my parents are coming down in August and my best friend, Ashleigh is coming in October.


  1. All my baby son eats when we go it is the fries too--lol xo

  2. THANKS FOR THE COMMENT :)) he actually ran test on my thyroid. did blood work and a full exam of every organ i have in my body lol. soo thank goodness. :)

  3. Those are great pics!
    I bet y'all had fun!