Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Teak Love Seat

Do you all remember the Teak Love Seat Giveaway from last week over at Confessions of A Semi-Slacker Mom?

I had posted about this giveaway on my blog because I loved the seat so much, I hoped I would win it for my new pool deck. Well, I didn't win. However, I arrived home today to find Hubby unpacking a box of this exact same seat on my front porch! He saw my post and secretly ordered one for me! I was so excited and can't wait for it to be put together so Hubby and I can enjoy a relaxing summer evening sitting on it after Baby Girl goes to bed. Thank you Hubby, I love you!!!


  1. How sweet is he!!! Now aren't you glad you didn't win!

  2. OMGOSH!!! yay you and YAY for the hubs!!!
    What a sweet man...you can sit on it and sip your wine;)