Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stephen Bonanno

One of the best things about living in Stuart / Palm City, Florida are all the great shops in downtown Stuart. You have two choices: a) bring your wallet chock full of cash or b) leave the wallet at home so that you are not tempted. Seriously, great stuff. Anything from preppy shoes and totes, to a consignment store with vintage Lilly Pulitzer. You can find Vera Bradley to Stephen Bonanno sandals, Vineyard Vines, even Angela Moore jewlery (also at Stephen Bonanno's shop).

Speaking of
Stephen Bonanno, for those of you that don't know, he makes his sandals right here in Stuart, a mere 7 miles from his downtown Stuart store. I was in there today, didn't buy sandals (as Hubby would kill me after all we've spent on clothes this weekend in Vero Beach), but I did buy this Cape Madras skirt for 60% off, super cheap (sorry, babe - no more, I promise!). Isn't it cute? On a sad note, they are clearing out all their clothing and going just to the sandals - I always enjoyed shopping for clothes in this adorable shop.

(Please forgive the hideously ugly carpet and chair - my office furniture has left much to be desired!)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE his sandals and would love to have a pair of
Stephen Bonanno Emma Classic Monogram sandals. Maybe for my b-day in bright pink? Then I can take a picture on my next trip and have them on the website, "where in the world are your Stephen Bonannos?" What is your favorite Stephen Bonanno style?


  1. The Lilly store here in Lex has a pair on display that are the Palm Beach style, blue with white whipstitch, with blue "UK" embroidery. Loves it!

    I'm dying for a pair, but can't decide on the monogramming; will probably be changing to married name in 2010, so....

    Also,saw in an early post that you are thinking of joining JL. GO FOR IT! It is actually as meaningful to me as Phi Mu was in my 20s -- and you know that's saying a lot!! FB me with any questions; I've been in three Leagues now and certainly have learned the membership ropes! :)


  2. I am dying for a pair of Bonanno's or Jack Rogers, but I will have to wait patiently until I am back to work to splurge.

  3. I want a pair too but I have to try them on first and with the monogram, no returns so I must wait until I find a store...
    until then...

  4. Just because hubby picked up on one of your hints doesn't mean he will pick up on all of them. But I love the shamless effort! :-). I love you!

  5. I love SB and I love that shop in Stuart. I have been there many times and miss it after moving. I totally agree that all those little shops in Stuart are so fun and cute.

    I got a pair of the monogrammed sandals last year when they ran the monogram out for it, it happens in August. I love, love, love them and would have many more pairs. I also have a pair of green and blue ones too.

    Great shoes, great craftsmanship, and great story/history.

    LOVE the skirt by the way!

  6. I heart SB! They fit so well and always garner compliments.