Friday, July 31, 2009

On the Rampage!

I MUST find these shoes. I love them...I should say that again....I LOVE THEM!

I got them at a little store called Tootsies Too here in Stuart a few months ago and I have worn
them day and night, non-stop since. They are by Rampage, but they must no longer be selling them because I can't find them on their website.

They go with everything. Bathing suit and tunic, maxi dress (which I currently don't have one, but I bet they'd be cute together - straight line of course), shoppers skirts, any skirt, shorts, capris....anything. I wear them to shop, to work, the pool, around the house....everywhere! Have I made myself clear here?

My issue: from complete overuse, the little rhinestones are falling out (it's becoming noticeable now, so I can't get away with it anymore), and they are getting dirty, in spite of my cleaning them. I need a replacement pair, but I can't find them anywhere. I'll have to ask Tootsies if I can order them.

As a side note - speaking of the maxi dress, I was talking to Hubby the other day about how much I loved my friend's dress that she wore to church that Sunday. Hubby looked at me and said, "a maxi dress? Now why would anyone want to wear something that looks like a pad?" Oh me oh my! I'll leave you with that thought!



  1. While these shoes are not the same they are similar. I bought them off of with a coupon code or something. I received them yesterday and they are comfortable.,default,pd.html?cgid=70001091&itemNum=3

  2. Ha ha ha...silly hubs...a maxi pad dress?! Boys will be boys, I suppose!

    LOVE those shoes...they are darling! I have been desperately seeking a pair of silver sandals to no avail!

    Good luck finding a replacement pair!

  3. I love Maxi dresses, but I too always thought the name was a little funny! Good luck on your shoe hunt!

  4. Thanks Suburban Prep, I do love those shoes! But, I had a brilliant beyond brilliant idea. I CALLED Tootsies to see if they could order them and guess what - they have one size 7 left, just for me!! Yippee!!

  5. I love Tootsies and I love your shoes. Those are really cute. I will do a little investigating and let you know if I come up with anything.

    Good luck and keep us posted!!

  6. Oh, that Tootsies store in Stuart is so cute! Glad you were able to get another pair. Now, re the maxi dress comment...that sound like something my husband would say:)
    P.S. I go to church in Stuart and yes, it's chilly in the sanctuary!

  7. Cute! I have a pair of sandals that I can't get enough of myself. I SO wish I could find them again as they are getting scuffed up from all of the wear. Good luck finding a new pair!