Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lallie's New Bike

Just when I thought I was back to normal, I got crazy busy again!  I'm so sorry for those of you who've emailed me and I haven't gotten back to you yet.  I will! I promise.  I hadn't even called my parents in a week!  Yes....that busy!

Anyways, this weekend, we bought Lallie a new bike!  We had gotten her one for Christmas, but once Husband put it together, we realized that the wheel was warped and Lallie couldn't ride it.  Thankfully, she wasn't too upset, because she hadn't really tried to ride it yet, so it wasn't a must have toy.

We got around to getting her a new one this weekend and she LOVED it!  She laughed and smiled the entire hour or so we were outside riding it before dinner time.  She loves her new princess head gear and bike bell too!  Much better than that ole tricycle (which she could never ride because she's so short!  She couldn't reach the pedals, poor thing). 

Sorry about the videos....I held the camera the right way, but they still uploaded sideways and I don't know how to fix! 


  1. pretty in pink!!! she looks like she is having a ball

  2. Aww she is so sweet! What a pretty little girl. I can't wait to teach Harper how to ride his bike. So fun!

  3. She is adorable as always. I'll fly my bike down this summer and we can ride together :-). First I'll have to buy one. Oh well! Give her a kiss for me and tell her I love her.

    Rock on Sherlock!

  4. Hey Friend! I was so glad to see you on my blog last week. We got lost last year..... I still have my private blog but changed the URL ...abt 4 times, lol.

    I can't believe how big she has gotten. Mercy!! Growing up:)

    Ok, this is funny. I was going through all my recipes....guess what I came across?? YOUR RECIPE YOU SENT ME!

    Have a blessed day,

  5. I am now following ya, can't wait to catch up-

  6. How adorable. She will have many hours of fun on her bike.

  7. Go Lallie go! Girl I know what you mean about the blogging thing. So funny, great minds really do think alike don't they. Speaking of blogs, I have you on my list. Now it's official...I WILL get to you! Yay! Glad to see all is well with y'all friend. Lallie is just growing up, isn't she? Hate it that they go and get all big on us...wish I could keep GG this age for a long while! Hugs!