Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blogger vs. Wordpress: Blogger Fails Again

So, it appears blogger is having issues AGAIN!  Last week when our posts were removed, we lost comments and couldn't read or post for over 24 hours, it was okay, no big deal.  Just the wonderful numerous comments y'all left on Pat and Jess' wedding....gone forever into oblivion.

No big deal, we can handle it right?

But today, I can't post comments on any blog that requires me to select "Google Account."  It just says I'm anonymous and then makes me sign in over and over again.  Sorry Hannah and Sweet Southern Prep and NOLA Girl and Sweet Tea Diaries.  Y'all won't be hearing from me today (and I did have good things to say about your adorable children, food and weekend happies).

Blogger Fail.....Again
 (a/k/a they are totally missing the ball lately)

These are just a few of the issues I have had with blogger.  There are many more that I won't go into here.

Over the past few months, I have been looking into converting to Wordpress, but haven't had the guts to do it.  I'm afraid my content and followers won't transport (and thus, y'all wouldn't be able to find me) and I really need somebody professional to do it for me. 

It's not just the blogger issues, but I'd like to be able to format my pages a little better, make them a little more readable.  I want to re-start my shopping and book review pages, but blogger's setup is just way to cumbersome and not attractive at all. 

I'm more about the content then design which is what Wordpress promotes.  You want a killer design?  Stick with blogger.  If you want to concentrate on format and content, go with Wordpress.  That's the news anyways.

I'm just scared to do it by myself.  I mean, it took me 7 days to figure out how to re-route my blogspot address to my now URL...slpreppystyle.com.  I did it by myself but it took days!  And that was with LOADS of trial and error.  I'm not sure that I will have the trial and error chance with this transfer.  I'm afraid that once I start I can't look back and there are just too many risks.

What are your thoughts?

Have any of you made that change and was it successful?  I'm sure I won't receive too many comments as a majority of you are on blogger anyways.  But I thought I'd put this out there and hope that someone might have some insight (or might offer to help!  :-) 

Happy Tuesday Y'all!


  1. I've used both and have come back to Blogger. WP is not user-friendly unless you're big into technology and back-end support platforms. Blogger is seamless with Google and my entire life is on Google including my Android phone. I just had too many issues with WP, and it frankly felt very isolated over there so after a year I gave up and moved back. (plaidchaos.blogspot.com in case it won't let me log in today!)

  2. For some reason I'm not having trouble today, but I really haven't done much with my blog since the issues over a week ago. I just don't think I'm going to blog as much this summer! Hope you're doing great!!!

  3. I initially used Wordpress when I first started blogging, but like Plaid Mama said, it is not very user-friendly unless you know what you are doing. Blogger is much better for me at least because I'm connected to my blog, my gmail, and my reader all at once. It simplifies my life! You also can't have a followers list on WP so it makes it hard for people to remember to come check on you (I think this is the case still).

    I will miss your comment today, but hopefully you get it all figured out!!! Have a great day!

  4. Weird. I'm not having any trouble. Bummer. Have you heard my good news about the paperback version of my novel? I hope you can head over and check it out! Have a fabulous day honey! Kori xoxo


  5. I have had some trouble over the past year, but nothing to make me want to switch yet. I think it would take a lot for me to try and switch everything over!! But it sounds like you are on the verge! :)

  6. I've had some of my disappearing comments reappear on my blog sometime this week.


  7. I'm still having issues!! Comments not showing. Pics not loading. Not be able to comment...yada yada....lol.

    I hate it cause I pay for my domain but it goes through blogger. If I can find a way to remove "blogger" from the equation and everything stays the same (user friendly) except it WORKS, then I'd do it in a second flat!

    Hope things get better soon girlie:)

  8. I totally thought this was just happening to me. HA! Glad they fixed it