Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Garnet Hill Kids

I'm joining Semi-Wordless Wednesday and today, I'm featuring Garnet Hill Kids.  I received their sale magazine in the mail yesterday and am trying very hard not to hit up these deals.  These outfits are just too...too...too cute.  Lallie says she'd like one of each...."pretty-please!"

(So, y'all think Husband will take the hint and let me stock up on some summer goodies for Lallie? I'll let you know!)  Notice how I'm typing this REAL BIG?


Cap-Sleeve Ruched Tiered Dress - $14.00, originally $34.00

Cotton Boatneck Sweater - $24.00, originally $38.00
Need the horse one for Kentucky trips and the Flamingo one for here in S. Florida

Layer Cake Camisole - $9.00, originally $32.00

Cotton Sundress - $24.00, originally $44.00
The white with pink ribbon is very Lallie-ish.

Ruffle Trimmed Tankini - $19.00, originally $30.00
We swim A LOT at our house.  So Lallie will take one of each!

Summer Twirling Dress - $48.00, originally $68.00
Again, very Lallie-ish
Not on sale, but love them anyways!  $44.00 for a personalized tee
Native Perforated Slip-Ons - $14 - $22, originally $30 - $35
Breathable for bike riding, walks in puddles and hot summer days and cute too...
all while protecting those cute little tootsies.
Ruffled Terry Hoodie - $36.00 - not on sales
Terry Beach Pants - $22.00, originally $28.00

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


  1. Loving that summer twirling dress... too bad all my girlfriends have little boys!

  2. Paige found the catalog and ran up to her room with it. I found it with dog eared pages and she had taken a pen and marked which items in what colors and sizes she wanted then put the catalog back by my bed. Hey! The girl's got game and she's thorough.

  3. I love those cotton sundresses! Let's hope the Hubs lets you purchase some of these cute clothes for Lallie!

  4. LOVE..IT...ALL! I love Garnet Hill and my favorites of your picks are the goldfish bathingsuit, layer cake camisole, and summer twirling dress!

  5. Ohhhhh Garent Hill!! I was (shopping) online earlier (ha, ya think??) and was trying to thing of a shop and for the life of me couldn't, it was GH!

    Cute items, those sweaters are precious-
    thanks for linking up today:)

    (im off to GH!)

  6. My baby is going to be a HS girly in a few short days! I was just dressin' her in cutey frocs like these yesterday...time flies!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  7. Love it! Is it weird that I kind of wish the bathing suits and sun dresses were in my size? Haha I love those patterns!