Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Derby Lilly, Tuesday Tip, Sugar Snap Peas & a Recipe

 Good morning Y'all!  Check out the new Lilly skirt I picked up this weekend!  In honor of my homeland, my Ole' Kentucky Home, and the Kentucky Derby coming up this weekend, I purchased the Hotty Pink Hot To Trot skirt.  Isn't it adorable?  It is super comfy as well.  (I cropped out my face and head as I had a super strange expression on my face, not flattering at all!)

Also, I'm loving my new Fornash earrings that Hannah sent me after I won one of her giveaways a few weeks ago.  I'm usually a pearl stud girl so these are actually a little wild and zany for me.  I love them!  (sorry for the blurry photo, my Photoshop has decided to have a hissy-fit this morning).

If you look closely in the picture, you'll see I'm wearing one of my Fornash bracelets too with my Derby skirt.
Here's a little TUESDAY TIP for you.

Did you know that an unused dryer sheet will help keep bugs away, keeping those nasty bites from occurring?    Yep, and it works!  Lallie despises getting sprayed with bug spray.  I mean, who doesn't.  It smells and it gets in your lungs, it's filled with DEET (which I know they have some on the market without DEET) and it's just plain unpleasant.

Lallie is extremely prone to bug bites and now that bug season is in full swing, I put a dryer sheet in her shorts pocket every day, unused and she comes home free of bites.  I've been doing the same during my Body Back workouts, stuffing one between my shirt and sports bra.

When you've used it a couple times (judging it's not dirty and/or sweaty) you can still use it in your dryer!


Our garden is producing sugar snap peas.  And man are they sweet and delicious!

I don't think we'll ever get around to actually eating them as a meal because we're too busy snacking on them as they grow!


Last but not least....a RECIPE!

My Body Back trainer gave us a copy of an article from Fitness Magazine last night.  IT has some quite scrumptious looking recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner at 300, 400 and 500 calories (respectively).
I'm looking forward to trying this breakfast recipe in particular:


Combine 1/4 cup part-skim ricotta and 1 tsp of raspberry jam and mix together.
Mix together 1 cup fresh raspberries with 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice and 1 tsp lemon zest and 2 tsps honey.
Top ricotta with the fruit mixture and sprinkle with 2 tbsp toasted sliced almonds.

Doesn't that sound delicous!  And at 300 calories, can't beat it!


I'll be heading out of blogland for a few days, but stay tuned as I have some lovely guest posts arranged and they will be sure to not disappoint! 

See you next week!

Happy Tuesday Y'all!


  1. LOVE that pattern!!! I tried the skirt on but didn't like the fit! What a great idea with the dryer sheets! Have a good day!!!

  2. Hey love! I have that skirt too and I ADORE it! I thought it was SUPER flattering and the cotton is so soft. Hooray for Lilly Derby time of year!! OOOh and your Fornash goodies are too cute as well! :) Sending hugs and smiles your way! xoxo

  3. Love that skirt! I liked the shift dress in that pattern also, but wasn't flattering on me. I am loving fornash lately! They have such cute stuff for the Summer.

  4. Loving those earrings! Hope you have a great Tuesday honey! Kori xoxo


  5. I LOVE that skirt! That pattern is one of my favorites! Thanks for the dryer sheet tip, I'm going to try that out!

  6. That skirt is super cute on you and the jewelry goes perfectly! I did not plant sugar snap peas this year, but yours are making me wish that I had planted them. The salad sounds yummy. Have a wonderful trip!

  7. Your Lilly skirt is absolutely darling. Love the McKims, too (spotted a pair of Bonannos). So cute! Oh, and the bracelet is the perfect pop of color for the wrist.

    Your sugar snap peas look delicious. The mister and I have decided to grow organic tomatoes in our Earth Box this year. Can't wait to get planting (The trees are finally starting to bud! Yay!) :)

  8. Loving the fornash! Dryer sheets have two other really good uses I learned from my mom-- 1) They help get static cling out of clothes..if ever I have a particularly clingy dress I'll throw a bounce in my purse and when I need to I'll run to the bathroom and rub it on the inside of the dress where it's clinging! and 2) If you ever have stuff stuck to the bottom of a pan that you can't get out, soak it in some warm water with a dryer sheet for a while and then use the dryer sheet to wipe it out..works like a charm!

  9. Love the skirt, love the sandals...Bonanos?
    Sooooo am I smelling some Derby Pie coming on soon? I keep telling myself I'm going to make it to KY for the Derby at least once in my life, maybe next year.
    Heck! I don't think they even televise the Derby here. Can you believe that?!

  10. I won a blanket in that pattern from the Lilly store here in Memphis. The skirt looks so cute.
    Thanks for the tip about dryer sheets.
    Have fun where ever you are disappearing too.

  11. Love your hot to trot skirt!! So cute with pink McKims. I'll have to try that dryer sheet tip - I always get eaten alive by bugs! Hope you're having a fabulous time on vacation!

  12. Love your Lilly skirt! It's perfect for Derby week. Love your Fornash jewelry as well:) Hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day.