Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Misc.: Royal Wedding, LILLY, the Keys, Body Back & Moroccan Oil

Well, one can't post today without saying something about the Royal Wedding!  What a gorgeous couple.  Prince William and Katherine just look so natural and "meant-to-be."  I loved the winks and humor through the ceremony, showing how truly comfortable they are with one another.  Also, the fact that they've been together for a decade already, suffering through hardships shows a test on their relationship.  Katherine has weathered the media so well. 
Photo Credit: MSNBC
We watched the wedding this morning (on DVR, no we did not rise at 4 am).  Lallie came down stairs as well to watch a real live Princess get married!  She was enraptured!  We'll finish watching the festivities when we get home this evening.

Congratulations to the Royal Couple!


I'd like one of each please!

Dominique Caftan

Emily Crew Dress

Lana Top (y'all know I LOVE this top, so comfy)

Mitzie pants (HELLO seersucker!)

Ah, Callahand shorts and Shawna Shawl)

Sullivan Dress

Wiley Tube Top

Wynona Bow Neck Top


The Florida Keys

Just booked our July trip to the Florida Keys with friends.  Can't wait (I think I need some of that summer Lilly before we go).


Body Back Update
(need to have those pre-baby abs and butt back before July!)

Well, I GAINED two pounds.  I blame it on the holiday weekend!  Heehee.
Actually, I'm losing around my waist so we think that maybe it's gaining muscle?  I have yet to see it, so hopefully in a couple weeks I'll start seeing some noticeable changes.

But, my lovely little heart is acting up again.  Y'all might remember my issues with SVT's (supraventricular tachycardia...heart likes to speed up randomly, even at rest) and my Mitral Valve Prolapse.  A lot of people have both issues and are perfectly healthy and some don't even know they have them.  Not me....mine like to act up and cause issues.

I started blacking out with my exercising (it happened when I tried the Couch to 5K as well).  So my trainer insisted I go to the doctor.  Good thing I did.

They put a monitor back on and my heart is still a little too irregular during workout.
So, they can't decrease my medicines (which keeps my heart rate regular, and also low).
So, when doing cardio, my heartrate can't speed up to wear it should to compensate for working out.  But, my heart skips, so I have to medicated.
It's a rock between a hard place.

So, Lisa has changed up the schedule a bit and I'll only be doing the circuit class from now on.  No more traveling classes.  I can still do some cardio, just not in long bursts (such as running a mile).



I just bought some Moroccan Oil to try out, just a travel bottle (which I understand will last 6 months!)  It's supposed to make my hair super shiny and smooth.

I'll let you know how that goes!

That's all for now!  Happy Friday Y'all!


  1. I have used Moroccan Oil for over a year. I beat you to it!!

    Also, it's "Between a rock and a hard place." Not "It's a rock between a hard place." You are such a nut!

    Rock on!

  2. Kate did look beautiful. I loved all the smiles and winks they wre giving each other.

  3. Kate looked absolutely stunning! I love those Mitzie pants, too! Have a wonderful week!

  4. Have you been to the keys? You are going to love it if not! We went there about 3 years ago and it was the best time ever! So beautiful and so much to do which you don't really realize until you are there! Have fun girl!