Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Musings–ACM’s, Body Back, What’s on the IPad & a Book Review

Good Monday morning y’all!  I’m pleased to say that we are all 100% better on the homefront!  That nasty cold, flu, bronchitis, nearly pneumonia funk I had is gone and we were able to keep it away from Husband and Lallie! 

Another item of business before we get started! Wow!!  I am going to be sending out LOTS of birthday cards!  I got TONS of requests.  I was going to do the cards once a month, but I think I’m going to be doing them each Friday!  How fun!  If you’re still interested, send an email to slpreppy@gmail.comIf you’ve already done so, no worries….I will respond to you today!


The CMA’s – I did not watch them but of course, the first thing I did this morning was immediately look up pictures of the dresses and outfits.  Here are my favorites. 

I just love Carrie Underwood and she always looks so glamorous but down to earth at the same time .  I love how she almost always wears her hair down, even in ball gowns.  It makes her feel….approachable? (for lack of better words).  What did you think about her pink hair extensions for her performance with Steven Tyler? 

Carrie Underwood

Taylor Swift is just adorable and I’m so happy that she won last night as Entertainer of the Year.  What an accomplishment for her and she seemed genuinely excited.  She looks gorgeous in this Elie Saab Couture dress. 

Taylor Swift

But the star of the night was Julianne Hough.  I think she looks absolutely gorgeous especially in the orange/coral dress.  Being a blond with pale skin, I tend to shy away from this color palette but Julianne just looks beautiful and is making me re-think the color.  Ryan Seacrest is a lucky, lucky man!

Julianne Hough


What’s on the IPad?

Friday night, while Husband was putting Lallie to bed, I stole the IPad and was just browsing the internet.  As y’all know, I bought the IPad for Husband for his birthday and between Lallie’s games and Husband’s browsing, I rarely touch the thing, so this was a fun and rare moment for me.  Husband and I are both windows people, meaning that our computer, laptop, IPad all always have multiple windows open at one time so we can just switch back and forth between windows.  On the IPad, you can have 9 browser windows open at anytime.  Husband had 4 of those windows open already when I started browsing:

Wikipedia – Reading about Elizabeth Taylor’s life.  Husband is a Wikipedia junkie.

Ebay – looking for a car part for the “big truck.”

Some website showing how to install said car part for the “big truck.”

Some website about guns (to give Mr. Bunny lead poisoning for eating all our beans.  Lallie thinks Mr. Bunny and Daddy had a talk and Mr. Bunny agreed not to come back.  Mr. Bunny won’t be back).

Now, here’s what I filled the other nine windows with on the IPad:

See Jane Work (specifically THIS page)

see jane work

The Container Store

Splash of Pink (specifically THIS dress)

dolly dress

CuteTape (looking for THIS pink Washi tape as seen in March’s House Beautiful magazine, all about pink).


Etsy (looking specifically at THESE adorable scalloped stickers from MCC Designs).



I’m starting Body Back today!  Released from the same creator as Stroller Strides, this workout is geared towards Mom’s (aka ME) that want to get their “Body Back.” Complete with two-a-week small group work-outs, meal plan, DVD etc., women lose weight and inches in 8 weeks!  I’m super excited to weigh in tonight and start working towards a healthier body, food included!  If you want to know more, click on the link on my sidebar to look for a session near you.  I’ll give you updates along the way too!


I finished reading Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet this weekend for April book club.  What an intriguing book.  About a 13 year old Chinese boy living in Seattle during World War II with flash forwards to his adult life, this book study’s relationships between a father and son, boy and girl, Japanese and Chinese.  The book really makes you think, especially all going on in society today.  Plus the story just leaves you wanting more and more with every page.  I was almost sad that it ended as I wanted the story to keep going.  I highly recommend this book.



Last but not least, a little fun to start off the day.  This is our dog, UK (who hid under the table quite a bit on Saturday night, poor guy).  He loves to go for car rides, especially in the “big truck.”


Happy Monday Y’all!


  1. I love that picture of UK--so funny! Julianne Hough looked beautiful! I loved that color on her! Glad to hear that you're feeling better! Have a great week!

  2. Oh my gosh - Julianne! STUNNING!

  3. The CMA's were great. I loved Carrie's pink extensions! So much fun! Kori xoxo

  4. OMG that dog pic is the cutest! The CMA's were pretty cool... Carrie Underwood rocked it with Steven Tyler! And, Dierks Bentley looked yummy enough to sop up with a biscuit (yes I said it).

  5. HA!! i just laughed out loud-- that picture of the doggie in the carseat is too darn cute!

  6. I absolutely LOVE Carrie Underwood, too. She is such a cutie. Always looks fabulous. Hey, have you ever seen her "hockey star" husband. he HOT! Wow!

    That photo of your dog is so adorable. What a character! :)

    Oh, I am obsessed with "See Jane Work," too. I love to organize and would love to have most of it!

    Hope you're having a great Monday!

  7. Those stickers are PRECIOUS!!!!

    Love the dog sitting there like a human:)

    Missed the CMAs.

    Hope your night is awesome sweetie!


  8. I am glad it worked out for you to do the Body Back classes. I haven't had a moment yet to look at the dresses from last night. I only caught like 30 minutes at the end of the show last night.

  9. What a fun picture! Reminds me of Morgan, my hubby's old dog. Great idea for those stickers! Carrie Underwood is gorgeous and Taylor S. just seems like the girl next door!

    Hope your week is off to a great start, Jennifer!

    (I need to get with you about those dresses, huh? Can't believe I'd forgotten!)