Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lallie's Room Design

Hello all!  After a little bit of work, perusing and thinking, I've finally come up with Lallie's final room design.  I completed this design on the Pottery Barn Kids website with their Room Design tool (click HERE).  I then printed (because you can't save), scanned into my computer and then worked in Adobe Photoshop to add the little extras for your viewing pleasure. 

It's a really neat tool and I suggest you try it!  You can do this with your whole house!  Don't forget to scroll down and look at all the furniture and decor we've picked out!
For Lallie's new curtains, I'm taking an idea from last month's Coastal Living magazine (which happens to be the home of the owner of my favorite little store in South Florida!)  Of course, I'm making dark pink and white curtains.

Her new bed, dresser, nightstand and bookshelves would come from Haverty's.  We love Haverty's.  Good quality furniture without being overpriced.  And considering this is a toddler room, we assume a little beating will be taken over the years!  So great furniture, lower price.

Without the mirror.  Will use a wall mirror which will be hung.  I love the look
of a wall mirror, don't you?

Her bookshelves would be in the corner, with a light blue IKEA LACK table ($7.99 - can't beat that!) for her art/reading/craft area.  These two chairs I found at an antique store 7 years ago that have been in my closet for all those years would be painted pink.  I have some cute accessories that I've crafted that I'll show you when they're finished.
This little Ethan Allen set of drawers, I've had since I was a toddler.  My parents bought two sets of Ethan Allen furniture for my sister and I as we shared a room.  Back then they were yellow, but we painted white when we first moved to Florida. 

It is the perfect size for the area where I'd like it, and y'all know you can never have too many drawer!  Plus, since it's the original Ethan Allen, it still looks brand new inside.  I'll probably freshly paint it and then on the top, add these cute flower pulls from, in pink, from Pottery Barn Kids.
Above would be pictures similar to theses (that I will paint in my colors.  I'm not paying $39.0 per picture!) above the Ethan Allen drawers.
I even have a little birdhouse that I bought a couple years ago that was pink and green, that is now blue and pink (nearly finished) that will go on her drawers for decor.

Her bed already has the blue and white polkadot duvet from PB Kids with the sailboat sheets.  But since we're moving away from the ocean theme, I'll get her some pink gingham sheets and the sailboats can be a spare set.

Of course, you remember he little Nantucket style Little Tykes house.  This will be in the corner of her room for another play area.  The rest of the house, which is still downstairs in her playroom will be brought up.

I'm still toying with a shelf idea.  Maybe just above the playhouse area.

I also found this little "H" (for Lallie's real name letter) at Michael's, which I painted pink and will go on the wall shelf.

I'm also in the process of making a hair bow holder for obvious reasons!  And, I'm looking at doing painting a stencil on the wall, like I did with her nursery in our old house.  We will take a large piece of near-plastic paper (can't think of the name), design a monogram, similar to below, print it and then cut it out.  Then we'll paint it on the wall, in a darker pink color.
We just can't find a vinyl stencil we like, so we'll just create our own!

We still have a lot of work to do!  But I can't wait to finish it, especially the art and reading area.  I think Lallie will really enjoy her new room!

Happy Thursday Y'all!


  1. Oh my gosh, how perfect! Can you please design my room?

  2. SUPER cute room, I love it! She is one lucky gal! Hey quick question, what website/software did you use to draw in the fancy pink arrows + description on the room layout? I want to be able to do that :) Thank you in advance!!!

  3. Lallie's room is going to be soo cute! Want to come do mine next? :-)

  4. I can't wait to see the final results of everything. Looks like it's going to be so cute

  5. Oh my it is going to be so cute

  6. Love her room!! And I think I'm going to steal the blue and white curtain idea for S's room. I've been looking for curtains for some time now that'll go with his big boy room. Thanks!!