Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On Exercise and Eating (Advice Needed)

 Good morning Y'all!

First off two things:  Where are my Photobucket images?  Are y'all having this issue?  I haven't seen anyone elses blogs with issues, I might email my blog designer.

Two - Lallie told me this morning, "mommy, I blew you a kiss and it went into your heart."  SWOON!  Gosh I love that child!

Okay - onto the topic of the day....on exercise and eating (and a little help needed where Lallie is concerned)

I had another session of Body Back on Wednesday night and boy it was rough!  I can handle the strength and core exercises just fine and can push myself beyond comfort, but man, those cardios really wear me down!  I'm thinking part of it is my still getting over bronchitis.

I did complete a 20 minute workout last night and then took a long walk while Lallie rode her bike.  I'm working up to completing cardio without having to rest.  I'm determined to run that 1/2 mile without stopping after 8 weeks.

My stats are improving.  While I didn't lose weight (and I'm not really trying), I did manage to improve on exercises such as side plank, push ups, plank etc.  My instructor mentioned I do need to improve on adding protein to my diet and making sure I eat every 3-4 hours. 

I am loving working with weights.  I almost wanted to do some weight workouts last night but thought, too much too fast could be a bad thing, so I rested instead (it has been a while since I worked out y'all).

Anyways, as part of my quest to become healthier, I've been shopping and eating healthier, for myself and the family.  I'm now eating breakfast (whoo hoo....aren't you proud?  Egg whites with tomato and salsa verde this morning).  I'm not so sick after eating anymore as my body is getting used to it and I'm almost hungry when I wake now. 

I am eating a health lunch and dinner and eating two snacks, one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon, mostly protein based.

I'm feeling happy, less stressed and less tired all ready though the evening workouts do make me tired.  But, during last night's latest tantrum with Lallie, I was able to remain more calm and trust me, this is a feat for me.

So I'm improving myself physically, mentally and emotionally.  How could I not want to continue on with this project?  And why have other workout sessions not inspired me in the past?

Well, as Lisa says....(and she works us HARD and expects us to work HARD, she doesn't take slackers)...."if you don't push yourself, you won't see results."
I never saw results before and here I am 10 days in and already feeling 100% better than before!

Moving on......on EATING! (and where I need the advice where Lallie is concerned).

Lisa, my Body Back instructor, forwarded us THIS article yesterday from Runners World.  After perusing for a while, I found some really great ideas for snacks and after looking at the meal plans, I'm loving the "one dish wonders" casserole ideas HERE.  Casseroles are easy for cooking and clean up and we love them.  I encourage y'all to look at the site, it had some great ideas!

For Lallie, I've been really trying hard to eliminate sugars from her diet and for a child that can literally go for two or three days without eating, this is a challenge!  We've been working hard.

I told you about Honest Kids juice/waters the other day.  So far, Lallie is not sold but she is coming around.

But I've been looking for healthier snacks as well, other than just fruit (and Lallie despises veggies).

I recently found Annie's Bunnies at Whole Foods...

...and at Publix, I found this Back to Nature Crispy Wheat Crackers.

Coupled with some cheese, Lallie is a happy happy girl (and I'm a happy happy mommy knowing my child isn't pumped up on high fructose corn syrup which turns her into a little monster!)

I have been contemplating giving her PediaSure, but it's super expensive and I'm not 100% sure.  Is it safe and okay?  Do you give this to your kids?  With Lallie eating very little, I think she needs the extra pump of vitamins etc., but what do you think?  Any advice?

Do you guys have any ideas for healthy snacks to feed your kids?

I'm SO looking forward to hearing what y'all say!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


  1. I have a photobucket situtation, too - no idea!!!

  2. Good for you for working it out!! I'm a new runner, and Runners World has a very funny series called the Newbie Chronicles you should check out if you haven't already. You will make that 1/2 mile sooner than you think :)

    Let us know how it goes!

  3. IMO we all need supplements along with our healthy foods. I'm not a mom, so my suggestion would be check with Lallie's pediatrician. That being said, it takes time for children to learn to like veggies. I heard they must try it a dozen times before they learn to like something new. So be patient. Also, check out Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food by Jessica Seinfeld is a good cookbook to get her eating veggies without knowing. Good luck!

  4. kids i babysit drink's like a yogurt/fruit smoothie drink with probiotics! the family eats all organic/super healthy so i'm pretty sure it's really good for you and packed with vitamins, but is also pretty tasty!

  5. I don't have kids... but the Annie's cheddar bunnies are AWESOME. I have to limit myself because I could literally eat the whole box in 2 days.

    To get creative with her veggies, you could try sneaking them into muffins, etc. Carrot cake, zucchini bread. And smoothies too like Sundresses & Smiles mentioned.

    All Recipes has quite a few options with fruit and some that you can sneak veggies into.

  6. I'm all about juicing. Love my Champion juicer. It makes the best fresh drinks and frozen sorbets/ice cream (Ice cream being frozen bananas I put through and top off with chopped pecans. Sometimes, I drizzle with a little bit of caramel sauce from Whole Foods. So good!).

    I have a recipe for a great watermelon juice I bet Lallie would love. So nutritious and delicious! can do it! When I first started, I could hardly make it. Now, I can run four miles without hardly breaking a sweat. It's highly addicting and a great form of exercise (uses all the muscles). :)

  7. I love those snacks. Great job with all your goals! I really like the Clif Kids Z Bars. They're whole-grain baked energy bars and come in flavors like s'mores, chocolate chip, peanut butter. You can find them in the energy bar aisle at Target or Whole Foods etc. Lallie would love them!

  8. Glad you are improving on the physical. You will see the weight change before you know it.
    Some Targets and Kroger have the Annie's products too.
    Keep up the good work. You are inspiring me.

  9. Glad to hear working out is working out for you! Unless Lallie is underweight, I wouldn't worry about the Pediasure. I like the idea of sneaking in veggies. I don't have kids, but I do that to my husband! I puree extra veggies for smoothies and sauces, and I have started re-making favs, things like spaghetti squash with lean turkey meatballs.