Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits: Kate Spade, Body Back & Pink Paint

 Good morning y'all!  You'll have to excuse my lack of post yesterday, it was another crazy day at work, but thankfully I was on the road for part of it as it was a BEAUTIFUL morning in South Florida paradise.

As you know, this weekend we painted Lallie's room.  Of course, it is not finished yet.  We still have her monogram, new furniture, baseboard painting, decorating etc. to finish.  However, here's sneak peak at the paint!

A deeper taupe, almost caramel color.  The pictures really don't show how dark the room is with this paint and we didn't realize how dark until we started painting.


We used Behr Ballerina Gown pink and Lallie loves it!
I will be re-arranging the room as well.  Her new white bookcase will have a light blue table from IKEA with antique basketweave school chairs that have been re-painted pink added, for a little art/reading area.  Her Nantucket pink and blue Little Tykes House will have the other portion of it brought upstairs (it's currently in the playroom).  Her new furniture including headboard and footboard, dresser and nightstand will also take the place of her old nursery furniture.  I can't wait to bring it all together!  I'll post more pictures when we're completely finished!

Here's a little picture of Lallie relaxing while mom and dad handle the heavy duty work!


Kate Spade

Have y'all seen The Kate Spade for Adeline Adeline custom bike?  Handcrafted in Italy by Abici in Kate Spade New York kelly green, it has the style of a bike from a simpler time.  I can see myself riding this bike with a big pair of glasses, my head wrapped in a pink bandana, some Lilly Callahan shorts with a white button down tied at the waist.  I have to say, I'm liking what I'm dreaming!  (I'm in a hurry, so I through the polyvore together quite quickly!)

Bike Ride with Kate Spade

Body Back Week 3 Day 1 complete.  Though I do have to say I'm a little disappointed in myself.  Not from lack of working out or trying, but from lack of knowledge.

I don't eat well.  I'm an "eat-to-live" type of person.  I eat only when I'm hungry and no more, no less.  And when I do eat, I'm not known for eating the most healthy.  Don't get me wrong, I do love a great meal and good, healthy food!  It's hard to explain.  I am getting better!

Anyhow, Lisa, our trainer, has been discussing with us the importance of eating multiple times a day and with healthy habits.  This is an absolute road block for me!  I'm now eating breakfast, but am now skipping lunch.  So yesterday, with only breakfast, 24 oz. of water and two snacks, I started to black out during the Body Back session and had to rest.  Not good.

Again, not from lack of trying, my body was just saying "hey, I don't like what you're doing to me!"

So....wake up call.  I will be eating the five times a day required for this program.  I will make time at work to do so. And last night, even though I was not hungry when I got home, I did eat a salad with apples and cheese for some protein.

As, Lisa Druxman (Body Back creator) tweeted yesterday: "It's Monday, have you planned your meals, workouts and accomplishments for the week? (not verbatim).  "Remember, those who fail to plan, plan to fail."

Hmmm.....I read that BEFORE workout, I realized the meaning afterwords.  Need to plan better.

Not getting myself down though because.... at least I was there!  At least I worked out!  At least I didn't stay home and veg and at least I'm trying!  So, my glass is half full, I just need to fill it the rest of the way up!

Happy Tuesday Y'all!


  1. Looks like a pretty princess room to me. I'm spending my spring break painting as well ~ I'd rather be relaxing like Lallie and watching the process.

    I'll join you on a bike ride {once the rain stops and we hit at least 60} with one of those beauties!


  2. Love Lallie's new room color!
    And, can I get a KS bike and ride along? haha
    As far as your workouts are concerned, you can definitely do it! When I was training for a 15K, I HAD to take a few days off. I felt I needed a break. After that, I was determined to get it done!

  3. Love Lallie's room, it looks like the perfect room for a little girl! As for working out, it's healthy to take a day or 2 off, your body needs to recover! Keep up the good work!

  4. Can't wait to see the finished product of Lallie's room! That picture of her on the bed with the ribbon in her hair is too cute! And I too, love, the Kate Spade bike and the look you put together for it-- I think we would be quite the pair riding together!

  5. You know what would look really pretty in that pink room? The wall hanging I made her when she was a baby! I'm just sayin...

    Rock on!

  6. Such a cute little girl- love the bows! ALL little girls should wear bows in their hair!

    Check out my blog, I left you a present!


  7. Love the color of your daughter's room!

  8. Scary about the whole blacking out thing. Girl, you need to take care of yourself! Glad to hear you're listening to your trainer. You know, eating those 5 small meals will vamp up your metabolism, right? :)

    I LOVE that bike. In fact, I am going to check it out right after I'm done posting this comment. I am so glad to see it has gears. While I adore the Lilly cruiser, I might have difficulty getting up hills. Thanks for sharing!

    Lallie's room is the perfect shade of pink. I love it. So girly!

    Cute outfit, by the way. *sigh* I ordered the Lilly green coat. Can't wait for it to arrive.

    Happy Easter!

  9. Lallie's room looks great!
    the bike ride sounds great.
    I hope you do better with the eating this week. way to go with the workouts.