Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We have a visitor

This guy.
He's a pickleworm.
Photo credit HERE
And he and his little friends have completely invaded Husband's garden.  (I say Husband's because I merely reap the benefits of the garden while he's been working hard to maintain it).  

And they are impossible to exterminate (note I didn't say "nearly").  I mean, impossible.
Husband has been working very hard and we've been very excited this past couple weeks to see baby zucchini and cucumbers start forming.  Maybe Lallie will even eat a veggie or two.

And then it happened.... 

A landscaper came by to look at our ficus hedge (that is still trying to come back after the hard winter cold) said "you've got worms."

It's not all bad though, we still have lots of other veggies that won't be invaded such as:

Lettuce and Radishes
Beans (see them starting to vine?)

(we have four different varieties, Mr. Stripey, Beefsteak, Purple and cherry)


Green Peppers

And here's our poor zuchinni.  Don't they look so yummy and edible?  *tear*  I forgot to take a picture of the cucumbers.
So, after a little research, Husband will be making some precautions with the next planting, including covering the soil in plastic for a couple weeks before planting, to ensure the pickleworm pest is suffocated and exterminated.  No mercy here on the pickleworm!

I love reading about everyone's gardens.  Now that spring is somewhat starting to arrive up north, I see that some of you have started your seedlings.  I look forward to watching them grow with you as you've watched ours grow these past couple of months.

Happy Veggie Growing Y'all!


  1. I am so envious of all those tomatoes you have, I can't believe they are already that big! My dad just planted his garden last week, so we still have a while to go before we'll have some. So glad some of your veggies can be saved!!

  2. I would LOVE to have a beautiful vegetable garden. I can't because the back of our house is wooded and faces north. :( I do have a couple of Earth boxes I might try again this year. I think I'll stick them on the side of the house (Lots of wildlife, though.).

    I am sorry about the pickleworm problem, but glad to hear they are not eating everything (It's still a bummer, though).

    Hope your Wednesday is wonderful. :)

    My Lilly coat has sleeves that are 3/4 inch. I'm trying to decide if I like that. Do you have any thoughts on shorter coat sleeves?

  3. Wow, y'all have really been able to grow some veggies! Unfortunately, we have never been able to get ours to produce much.

  4. A thing of beauty indeed. The garden, not the worm. I'm having garden issues of my own and I haven't even planted mine yet.
    I decided to chance it and plant when I get back from a visit with my mom. I may end up wasting a lot of time and money, but I will have a garden regardless.

  5. You have quite the garden...zucchini is my favorite vegetable! That's a shame about the worms, but it looks like your husband is quite the gardener, so I'm sure he'll figure it out! I'm banking on having a green-thumbed husband myself, because my thumb is BLACK, but I oh so want a lovely garden!

  6. I am so envious! It isn't even close to growing season where I live! Gorgeous garden :)

  7. I am going to start a garden this weekend! Could you & Husband do a post together about the best gardening tips for a beginner!?

  8. I've never heard of or seen that kind of worm! LOL he looks creepy! Your garden is nice, I've been wanting to plant stuff for the longest but have never gotten around to it :/

  9. I am coming shopping at your farmers market:)

    I attempted a few things 2 summers ago....BUGS TOOK OVER. I gave up:)

    Hope your having a great week sweetie!


  10. Wow! I hate you are losing a few items.
    But glad it won't get everything.

  11. I wish my parents were planting a garden this summer! I love fresh veggies!

    P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway that you should check out!

  12. I'm jealous. My tomatoes are still small and scraggly:(. Sorry for the bugs.

  13. Oh my goodness, your garden looks amazing! Mine has been drowned in all of the rain multiple times in the past two weeks. I think everything has survived, but is growing very slowly. I have got to get out and clean the weeds that have been shooting up. Booo bugs!!