Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Clem the Donkey

This past weekend, we headed up to Eastern Kentucky to visit my in-laws (a/k/a Granny & Grandaddy).  As most of my long-time readers know, they own a farm with lots of animals including a donkey (Clem), two horses (Lizzy and Misty) and lots and lots of cows!  Lallie has the most wonderful time visiting her pets and this visit, we even let Lallie ride Clem (or shall we say attempted as you know, donkeys tend to be stubborn!)

Clem is the sweetest mule despite his stubborn personality.  He loves to be petted the ears and almost purrs....well, if you call a "hee-haw" a purr.  Whenever anyone leaves the farm, he says good-bye in his honking way, making sure that he's not forgotten and someone comes home to feed him the leftover corn shucks.

Clem is actually short for Clementine.  But, when my in-laws found out they'd received a boy donkey, it was shortened to Clem.  Lallie loves him dearly and we have a picture of good-ole Clem framed in her room.

Clem refused to walk Lallie around.  We're not sure if it was the nearby pavement or all the people, but Lallie's riding experience was more of a sitting experience.  She loved it nonetheless! 
We tried giving Clem carrots, but he just reached his entire body as far as he could without moving his hooves.  It was the funniest thing!  (See video).

Finally, maybe just a few steps.

Good-ole Clem.

Lallie just loves Clem and we do too. He certainly is a source of entertainment for everyone!

More to come tomorrow about our Kentucky weekend.

Happy Tuesday Y'all!


  1. Oh my stars...Clem is adorable, but very much a donkey. I'm surprised y'all got him to move at all. He can stratch like nobody's business though. Lallie was pretty patient with him. I would have had a crop in my hand within about 2 minutes.
    How fun to be able to grow up with experiences like that.

  2. Oh my goodness! I love this post! Those pictures are great! I want a donkey!