Monday, September 12, 2011

Missin' Fall

 I've been reading lots of blogs about fall lately.  How some of you are itching for fall to begin and how others are hanging on to the last little bits of summer, not ready for fall at all. 

Well, here are my sentiments. Summer weather is here to stay for a while longer, even though all the activities of fall have begun (i.e. Harvest Festivals, school, Halloween, fall fundraisers).


So while y'all are enjoying University of Kentucky football (go CATS!) wearing this:

I will be sporting this:

All the while, you'll be eating this:
And I'll be eating this:

And while y'all are pulling our your gorgeous fall coats:


I'll be wearing something lighter (but I will NOT wear white pants, white shoes or open toes shoes, it's just not in my Southern Belle nature):


And while you're looking at this splendor:

I'll be looking at this (and most of you will be hoping you were looking at his come December):

In Kentucky last weekend, this was our fall viewing: one lonely fall tree amongst all the green trees. (Okay, so this is probably from out west, but this is the closest I could find to what we saw).

At least Halloween will bring us a few pumpkin patches to visit.

And the fall veggies do get shipped to us
(though usually not fresh out of the garden....we're going to start working on our fall
garden soon, so fingers crossed!)

At least I can display fall decor.

And enjoy a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Oh, how we at the SLPS do miss fall, y'all!  So think of me when you're slipping on those cashmere gloves for a bonfire.  We'll be down here feeling the heat!

Happy Monday Y'all!


  1. Just invite me to come visit! Every time I come down there in the fall expecting to enjoy some of that supposed "heat," you guys have record lows and I have to wear jeans the whole time! :-)

    Rock on!

  2. It's definitely cooled off a little, but it's not anywhere close to fall weather for us either. Still pretty warm. Those boots and coats are just going to have to wait!

  3. I sympathize with you. Even if the calendar says Fall, the temps in Florida still scream summer. I have put away the white pants, but haven't stored the flip flops yet.

  4. I definately fall into the "itching for fall" category, although I'm sure when it starts to actually get cold I'll be dreaming of anywhere warmer. Luckily it's not too bad yet, but that just means more time to plan out the perfect winter wardrobe!

  5. Awwww, it's not all bad there. Like you said, when we are freezin' out biscuits off, you will be wearing shorts and lounging by the pool. On the whole, I'll take the SLPS local over the snow any day of the week.

  6. I'm guessing you live in FL because that's pretty much what my fall view looks like too! I've only lived here though so it's all I know :)


  7. Today was 80 and sunny on the North Shore! I don't know if I'll be ready to be breaking out my riding boots and jeans, but it is supposed to cool down towards the end of this week! XO

  8. YOu need to try the salted caramel latte.

  9. What a great post! I am always torn between being excited for Fall to start and trying to hang onto the last rays of Summer.

    Please make sure you check my blog in the AM. I have a surprise for you!!

  10. I'm dreaming of warm woolens and trees turning over the Hudson Valley, but my reality is also still high 80s weather and waiting for my trees to go from green to immediate brown. Nonetheless, I ain't complaining - especially come December!