Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mad About ModCloth

 I love ModCloth, specifically their dresses.  They have a very wide variety of dresses for every style, body type and personality.  They have trendy, classic and everything in between.  They also have a very wide range of prices.  From around $30.00 for sale items up to around $300.00.  So no matter what your budget, you might just score some great deals.  I haven't ever browsed their other categories, I never get past the dresses, they have so many.

Here are a few of my favorites (in my price range!)  I had to pair down this list or I'd have 25 dresses!

I love the plum and burnt orange combination of this dress.  It's very fall, perfect with either pumps or flats and a cardi for those colder office environments.  It looks comfy too!  $49.99.

I never really liked purple clothing and rarely wear it (though Lallie LOVES purple).  However, I love the style and fit of this dress.  Fitted and flirty for a night out on the town yet still professional for the work environment or for church.  $54.99
What do you think?  Would this color fly for fall?  I'm not sure, I'm still contemplating purple.

I love the shirt dress, I have several.  But not in camo green.  This is cute for fall and I like the A-line feel of the dress.  Substitute a thick brown leather belt for the ribbon tie-around and you have a whole other look.  $59.99.

A classic dress with a trendy twist, great for the professional.  Throw on a cardigan of just about any color for the daytime with pumps or flats and then take of the cardigan for cocktails with the co-workers.  For the price, you really can't beat this!  $62.99.

One of my favorites in navy (love this color), without the belt, it is on the dressier side.  Wear it with the belt and a cardigan and flats for work.  A thicker leather belt with cowboy boots, you have a casual look.  This dress is SO versatile.  Sadly, I couldn't find this dress this morning on the site, it's all gone (insert sad face). 
It was however, I think, $54.99.

I have a couple other dresses in this fit and style and love them!  They are SO comfy and again, very versatile.  By itself for casual, with pumps for a night out or with a cardigan for work.  And again, I'm loving the plum and burnt orange colors this season.  Combined with the turquoise, this is an all around fun dress!  At $47.99, the price is fabulous!

Maybe for a quick grocery store runs or sitting around the house with family while wanting to feel pretty!  This cotton shirt dress looks so comfy.  Not sure of the length, but maybe pair with some leggings and boots for a dressier out-on-the-town option?  If only they made this dress in other colors, it'd be great for Game Day too!  $54.99

Now, ModCloth does have it's more expensive options.  If I had $294.99 to spare, this would be in my closet.  I wore a very similar cut dress the other night to a Junior League meeting.  It was a Marc by Marc Jacobs dress in light brown and burnt orange with short-sleeves and I received so many compliments on the fit and colors of the dress.  Everyone called it a dressy version of June Cleaver.  This dress has the same feel.

What do y'all think of ModCloth?

Happy Thursday Y'all!


  1. Love that first dress! Hope you can head over and check out my new linkup today! Have a fabulous Thursday. Kori xoxo

  2. I really like a lot of their things. The one dress that I ordered a couple of years ago was really short and not lined so I had to return it. I want to try again though!

  3. Love ModCloth too. Like you, I can never get beyond their dresses. I love the gray sleeveless dress you picked. It's so classic with a modern twist. Pair it with a sweater and you can get three seasons out of it in S. Fla.

  4. These dresses are so adorable. Love the shirt dress!

    I've never heard of ModCloth. :(

    Very, very cute!

  5. so cute! i love their dresses :-)

  6. I love the first dress. I love looking but I have never bought anything. have you?

  7. These dresses are adorable. My roomate swears by modcloth, so I may just need to try it.