Friday, September 23, 2011

Revenge and Lilly Pulitzer

Did anyone else notice the Lilly Pulitzer dresses on the show Revenge last night?

Emily Thorne's (actually Amanda Clarke) childhood character was seen wearing a Lilly Grettle bathing suit in one scene and the Shorley Blue Paint By Numbers Little Lilly in another scene with her father.  She was also spotted wearing the Let the Eat Cake Lolly dress.  If I'm not mistaken, I also believe I saw a couple of Lilly dresses at the Grayson's Memorial Day fundraiser party.

What do these clothing choices say about is the newest preppy-socialite sitcom of the season and I'm hooked!  It's as if one of my socialite novels came to life on my television screen and I am loving it!  With betrayal, revenge, love and vengeance all playing out on the shores of the Hamptons, this new show is bound to take twists and turns as we delve into Emily's (or is it Amanda's) past.  After all she did grow up in the Hamptons, but no one, not even Victoria Grayson, dubbed "Queen Victoria" knows this is the long lost child of her former neighbor.
Husband even enjoyed it and I think he understands why I couldn't put down The Overnight Socialite 
or Social Lives.   

In other news and while we're on the subject of Lilly.

Now that I'm going to Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau's Birthday Brunch with several lovely ladies (hopefully some of you), I'm starting to think about what I'm going to wear!  There are so many adorable Lilly dresses and not knowing whether it's going to be blazing hot or slightly cool (and cool to South Florida is chilly 75)....I just don't know!  Here are my current favorites.

Augusta Dress via Lilly Pulitzer

Ava Dress via Lilly Pulitzer
I just love the Multi Casting Call print (in below dress and skirt).
Ros\lyn Skirt via Lilly Pulitzer

Bianca Dress via Lilly Pulitzer

So many choices!  Thank goodness I have a couple months to decide

(*cue Husband saying "and you're going to pay for these 'how?'"*)  Heehee.....
Happy Weekend Y'all!


  1. I LOVED Revenge!!! It may be my new fave show this season! I'm not as savy a Lily student as you, so I'll have to keep my eye open next week!

  2. Hey honey!!! Great post! You should link it with my Fashion Friday linkup! Just add my button to your post (edit and republish) and you're in! Have a fabulous Friday doll! Kori xoxo

  3. I just watched Revenge last night (on DVR) and I am sooo hooked! I noticed all the LP (even though they are current prints in flashbacks, but who really cares about those small details) :) I was going to do a post on the show too, but everyone is beating me to it! Have a great weekend!!

  4. It's funny you said that because I noticed it too!! Maybe they should have gone with the originals collection! Haha...:-)

  5. yes I love that show... i only got in on the end of it like last 20 min but i am hooked too and sadds i did not see the lilly i wouldve for sure noticed the let them eat cake dress

  6. I caught the first few minutes of Revenge and than flipped channels, never ending up back at it. I may have to check it out next week.

  7. Good morning from Los Angeles!

    Jennifer, it's been forever, and I'm sorry I haven't dropped by to say hello recently. I *loved* Revenge. I did love the clothes, naturally, but the pilot really jumped right in. Goodness Queen Victoria is a cold one...not that I blame her for being so icy after what she learned at her charity auction. Have fun choosing a wonderful ensemble for your luncheon! I bet you'll loko fab.



  8. i havent heard of this show...what channel is it on? Sounds like it could be the new sex and the city.

    Go with the Ava! Love that dress

  9. Yes, I watched the show and I noticed it too. I even said something to my mister. For us Lilly lovers, it was very exciting! :)

    I hope you had a fabulous time at the brunch. I can't wait to hear all about it!

  10. Haven't heard of Revenge--Googling it now! I love that Augusta dress!