Thursday, October 23, 2014

H.G.'s Newest Additions to Her Closet - Holiday Styles

I am just in love with a few special clothes I can afford to splurge on this go around.  Even though Husband and I didn't really know if we wanted a second child, I managed to keep everything from Lolly's use. And I mean EVERYTHING, right down to unused diaper baggies!  So, I was able to splurge on a few things here and there for H.G. since I didn't have to buy an entire wardrobe.  

Now I'm not a huge fan of Halloween.  I've been the last minute pick-something-up-like-a-tee-shirt-at-Target Halloween person.  Husband and I just really could not care less about the holiday and would rather just skip it.  But, for the kids, we buy costumes and candy and carve pumpkins and all that jazz. However, you really won't see any over the top outfits, days worth of Halloween clothes and pictures and decorations.  Lolly has resorted to making her own decorations for me to hang since we don't have any and "don't have plans to buy any."  She was not thrilled.  

That being said, I'm happy Halloween is on a Friday night this year.  That means no rushing to get trick-or-treating in before bed (and school the next day) and our neighborhood (which we all happen to be quite close friends) is having a little block party.  My neighbor always makes Mojitos for everyone!  I obviously couldn't have one last year, but this year, yum!  :-)

Anyways, moving on.  H.G.'s closet.  These are all just for fun, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

ALL the bows (which I'm disappointed you can't see them better) are from my good friend Kristie over at My Little Florida Girl on Etsy.  All custom made at my request.
All three are Mud Pie.  The ice cream cone was a gift and the other two came from Zulily for $9.99 each.  Shoparoonee!

The pink pantsuit was a gift.  I need to get a Peter Pan collared long sleeve shirt to go with it.  The UK outfit, another Zulily score!  I was hoping to have it this past weekend but I didn't receive it until Monday, so she'll wear it this Saturday for SEC game of the week day!

All three are splurges from Smocked Auctions.  I have had to stop following them on facebook!  I can't help myself!  One little Turkey Day bubble and two Christmas bubbles.  I cannot wait for the holidays!

Miami Dolphins bows for the girls.  Just waiting on their outfits. 

Dolphins outfit from RYLOwear on Etsy.
Mud Pie Owl Christmas outfit.  Lolly has a matching one for their Christmas pictures on Saturday afternoon.  The little smocked outfit is Petite Ami.  The pink and read bow for the Owl outfit has a little sparkly red bow on top.  It's really cute.

I'll have to go through Lolly's closet and show you the things I've purchased for her.  Her Turkey Day outfit isn't here yet and I need to work on her holiday wardrobe.  Thankfully she still fits in everything from last winter!  We barely wear winter clothes here so everything is in great condition.  Will need to pick up some new pants though since she's grown 3" since last year.  Oh!  And I need to show off my $5 Lilly Pulitzer dress deals!  Now THAT is a shoparoonee! 

Happy Thursday Y'all!

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