Monday, October 20, 2014

The Lake!

Those of us that live in South Florida never go to the beach.  Well, unless it's by boat and we currently don't have a boat (we sold it before H.G. arrived as we knew it'd be a while before we get back out on the water).   And even on the boat, we don't go to the beach, we go to the "sandbar" where the tourists can't find us.  :-) 

I can't remember the last time our family went to the actual beach.  I mean with umbrellas, chairs, towels, coolers etc.  It's been a while.  There are the few natives that go quite often but for the most part, Floridians just don't go to the beach.  

Instead, we go to the lake!  We head to Lake Placid in the middle of the state.  It's a beautiful area and we went in September with several other family friends, basically having the resort to ourselves.  It's a great place to water ski as the waters are calm and it's fresh water with sandy bottoms for the kids.  
LOVE this picture!
Photo Credit:  Sharda Gorin Photography

The girls.  The boys refused to participate in this photo.  Haha!

It's always fun having a photographer as a friend!  :-)  She always gets the best photos!
Photo Credit:
Sharda Gorin Photography.

In our Beaufort Bonnet.  It goes with us everywhere.  :-)

Photo Credit:
Sharda Gorin Photography

It was slightly cool and a little cloudy.  Okay, it was a lot cloudy and rainy.  But this didn't stop the kids from having a TON of FUN!
Happy Monday Y'all!

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