Friday, October 24, 2014


U.K., our precious golden retriever passed on in December 2013, when H.G. was only a few weeks old.  We will always hold him very dear to our hearts and he will never be replaced.  We have received a new dog in our lives, named STEVE by Lolly.  Hey, it stuck.

He is a golden doodle and he's SO adorably cute!  He is really a live teddy bear.  He's so happy and snuggly.  The first few days he came to the office with me to hang out.  After all, he is a puppy.

The girls LOVE him.  Well, when they're not being treated as chew toys!  And there seems to be some confusion in our house as to whose toys and toys are whose.  Needless to say, Steve's food is now in another section of the house where H.G. cannot get to it.   

Happy Friday Y'all!

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