Monday, March 23, 2009


Our weekend project this weekend was to bake and decorate Easter cookies. It was a rainy Saturday, not much to do outside, so cookie baking was a great project for Lallie and I.

First we had to get cookie cutters. Did you know that Publix and Winn Dixie both sell cookie sheets for making Easter cookies, but don’t sell cookie cutters? Well, after searching in two stores for the cutters, we finally had to drive all the way to Jensen Beach (which is about a 20 minute drive near the Treasure Coast Mall) to go to Michael’s to get the cookie cutters. A big storm was brewing, lots of dark clouds, but
Lallie and I agreed that we could make it in and out before the rain came. WRONG! We had to run in the rain to the car, which actually turned out to be quite enjoyable. LallieLOVED running in the rain and getting wet. She laughed and stuck her head and hands into the air with a huge smile. Seeing her enjoy it so much, made me enjoy it a little more and when we got into the car, she laughed at the wet drops on her arms and hair saying “What happened?” See, it hasn’t really rained since September, long before Lallie could really communicate and tell us her feelings. She also hadn’t been one to notice things so easily on her own. So, this was really the first rain she’d fully experienced. I’m glad to have experienced this simple pleasure with her it with her and think it will be a while before I take rain for granted again.

But I digress, as soon as we got home, I got everything prepped, stood
Lallie on a chair at the counter, and the cookie cutting began! Lallie didn’t necessarily like the cutting part too well, but she loved to push the cookie out of the cutter onto the cookie sheet (all the while, eating the cookie dough!) She’s not a big sweets fan, but she really liked eating the cookie dough! We baked the cookies, which were in the shapes of bunnies and tulips, and then set them out to cool while Lallie took a nap.After her nap, and after an ample cookie cooling period, I brought the chair back over to the counter, which Lallie now understands as “time to stand on the chair” as she ran over excitedly to decorate cookies (my thinking, well at least she thinks she’s only allowed to stand on the chair at the counter – and therefore, hasn’t attempted to stand on it anywhere else in the house – - - yet!)
Let the decorating begin! We washed our hands and then I taught
Lallie how to squeeze the tube of pink icing (of course, any other color just wouldn’t do). Then I showed her how to use her finger to spread the icing on the cookie. Now, Lallie is a very dainty, girly-girl. She has been since day one. She eats her food like an English royal, her pinky finger up in the air as she carefully grabs food between her thumb and forefinger. She covers her mouth to sneeze and cough (but only after the sneeze or cough has happened, we’re working on that) and she uses a napkin to wipe her hands and mouth after dinner. She even grabs her own Kleenex, well handful of Kleenex’s to wipe her nose.
So, when Lallie got icing on her finger, she held it up to me with the look of desperation and then in her language which only Stuart and I can understand, promptly said, “Ewww, get it off mommy!” So, I smeared the icing for her and then we moved onto the bright blue sprinkles. Lallie caught onto this real quick and loved sprinkling the cookies even more than eating them!
While I cleaned up our pink and blue mess, Lallie ate her bunny rabbit eared cookie with great enthusiasm, making sure to pick up and eat any crumbs that had fallen on the floor. Husband  had taken a break from remodeling our bathroom, so he was playing with Lallie and our dog, UK. He was egging the dog on and telling him to go get the cookie. Lallie thought it was funny and would scream, run away and then turn around to say “No, UK, Out!” while pointing her finger towards the door. This went on a few times until UK finally won and snatched the cookie right out from Lallie’s hand. Her face became extremely red, she glowered at UK and then one single, but very large, tear streamed down her face as she started to cry desperately. After all, her cherished, hand-made cookie had just been stolen by the mean, mangy dog! Stuart immediately got Lallie another rabbit-eared cookie, mommy hugged her and wiped the tear from her eye, and then all was well with the world once again!

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