Saturday, March 14, 2009

Girl's Play

Daddy has been remodeling the master bathroom for the last few days, so it's been mommy and Lallie playtime for most of the week. Here are some pictures of Lallie having fun:

.......with her big ball - yes, this is the ball that she just had to have from Publix (see Publix stories)

Lallie had found a leaf on the ground and it took her a while to warm up to it! When she first saw the leaf, it was laying on the driveway, she inched carefully towards it as it was an odd looking shape, not like other leaves we've seen. Just as she got ready to pick it up, the wind caught and it moved a couple inches. Well,Lallie 's eyes became filled with fear and she ran to me insistent that I immediately pick her up. She watched that leaf without a flinch until it moved again and she gripped me in a tight hug. She was very scared of the leaf. Finally, I was able to convince her that the leaf really was not going to hurt her, and here's the picture I got of her with her new friend.

Lallie  is also learning how to use a spoon and fork, she is very good at eating yogurt and cereal all by herself from a bowl without making too much of a mess. We're still working on scooping, but she's getting there.

Lallie is missing her daddy quite alot while he remodels our bathroom. He's doing a great job and we love him very much and can't wait until he's done so we can have fun family days again. Here's a picture of Lallie wearing daddy's hat. She became very concerned today when she found his hat. Daddy always works in his hat and since he wasn't wearing it, she became very worried that he wouldn't be okay without it, "oh no, oh no" she'd say as she pointed to the door and said "dada". I explained that he was working inside the house, and didn't need his hat, she said "okay" and put it on to model it for the camera.

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