Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hot Dad of the Month

Every month, when I get my magazines in the mail, whether it be Working Mother, Better Homes and Gardens or Parenting, I immediately sit down and quickly flip through the pages to see what interesting things I'll get to read for the month.

I just got my April Parenting and on the first
page was a "Hot Dad of the Month" spoof with a picture of a dad and his three year old son. Below the picture was a comment by Parenting asking people to send in their pictures and statement for next month's "Hot Dad."

Now, I'm not one to enter contests and send in pictures to magazines to show off my family to the world....BUT, this is my blog and I WILL show off my family to the world here in Family Life.

So, tell me? Isn't the picture below perfect for "Hot Dad of th
e Month/Year/Lifetime"? Well, maybe not to everyone else, but to to Lallie and I, that's a big YES!

1 comment:

  1. He looks pretty hot to me!
    Of course he looked even hotter in tube socks and short shorts back in the 80's, but he still looks great to me.
    Hey Cousin Stu!