Friday, March 6, 2009

The other day, Lallie was exploring the bookshelves and found a brightly colored book that I had made Husband for our 2nd anniversary on June 15th, 2004. It is called The Book of Snoof: A guide to the ~isms of a Snifferwoose." In other words, it's a book of "Jennifer Stories" as Husband likes to call them. A book to remember all the silly stories of our family life, so that we can remember the funny times and of course, tell the entire world (as Husband has proceeded to do so) of the silly things his wife says and does.

Keeping this idea in mind, and considering Lallie was the one who found this long lost book, I have decided to do the same for her.... a blog of funny stories and things that Lallie does on a day-to-day basis and are too cute to forget, but unfortunately, we do forget. Hopefully, over the years, we can record these stories for ourselves and for her (and her future boyfriends, for embarrasment) while at the same time, sharing these funny incidences with our friends and family who live so far away from us.

So, I hope you enjoy our first few stories and posts (and as soon as I find my camera, I will start carrying it with me to catch these happenings in action!)

Publix Stories

1) Lallie and I were at Publix shopping. I used to be able to take her without a fuss. She enjoyed watching all the people and looking at the brightly colored store items however, she doesn't enjoy this nearly as much as she used to and we often end the grocery trip with a temper tantrum.s But, not on this particular Sunday!

We had just gotten out of church and both in our Sunday best. Lallie had been playing with a toy flip-phone and insisted on bringing it to the store with her. She walked up to the store (holding her hand of course) and as soon as she saw the big green car cart, her eyes lit up and with a big smile, pointed and laughed as I lifted her into the car.

We shopped and all the while, Lallie was grabbing everyone's attention as she drove the big green car with one hand, had her flip-phone to her ear in the other, and was clearly having a conversation with someone on her phone. I guess she's been watching mommy....monkey see monkey do!

2) Once again, we're shopping and I picked up a brightly colored box of crackers that Lallie just HAD to have. We pulled up to the cash register and she knew the box was going to be taken away from her (so I could pay for the crackers). It took no more than five seconds to take the box from her, have it scanned and hand it back to her, but her face got bright red, one tiny tear drop fell from her eye and she puffed up her lips and glowered at the poor man behind the cash register. I told the checkout person "boy, you sure didn't make a friend today!" to which he replied "by this time in the shopping trip, I rarely do!"

3) We're in the middle of a kitchen remodel, so we've been eating take-out meals quite a bit lately. After work, I stopped by Publix to pick up a rotisserie chicken and meal which is at the front of the store. The entire time, Lallie was yelling (quite happily) at the top of her lungs, "BALL, BALL, BALL" and pointing. I thought she was pointing at a balloon, and I was correcting her as she does know how to say balloon ("ba-boon"). As we walked away from the deli counter, she continued pointing and yelling and then started to cry. Obviously she was quite enthralled with whatever it was she was interested in, that we turned around to go see.

Lallie had been pointing out the huge rack of bouncy balls of all sorts and sizes. This rack was all the way at the back of the store, I couldn't see the rack. Lallie's eyes lit up when she saw this huge, bright pink ball with Disney princesses on it and she had to have it! She had been a trooper, so I got it out and she held it with a huge grin all the way to the register. The ball was significantly larger than she which of course, got her lots of cute compliments from other shoppers. BUT, then we pulled up to the register and Lallie clearly remembered the man behind the register from our last shopping trip. She winced and glowered at him and spoke her mind to him with loud, snappy words until he gave the ball back to her. She started at him with one eye clinched until we left the store. Once we were out, her huge grin returned and she held the huge ball all the way home in her carseat, she couldn't even see around it!

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