Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

What a day, what a day.... first, at Lallie's breakfast before church, we had our very first choking experience. Lallie had choked on a piece of chewed up sausage and though I knew what I was supposed to do, I completely freaked out! Okay - time for child choke class! I'm looking for classed today!

Next, we go to church. I was asked to sing on the worship team due to lack of singers. Husband and Lallie might as well have stayed home as she would melt down every time she saw me.

BUT, we were still having a great day and Lallie was in a good mood, so we went to cracker barrel where the waitress dropped those heavy plates and a large bowl of hot, hot, hot, hot gravy on my foot! Yeah - that hurt and scared Lallie have to death. Thankfully, my foot is fine, but we got our meal for free and went home to eat it since I now smelled like sausage (see the sausage theme here!)

BUT - we were still having a great day and Lallie was in a good mood, so we relaxed, Lallie took a nap, the Realtor came by to give us suggestions about the house and we decided we should go ahead and remodel the master bathroom. So, we went to Home Depot.

Lallie was absolutely perfect the entire trip! She had a paper pad and a pen (I didn't have any crayons - note to self!) and she even held the pen properly, like an adult writes (of course, by time I got to Stuart to have him take the picture, she had lost interest, isn't that how it always is!). We were there for probably an hour, maybe longer and she was just a princess! We're so proud of her!

THEN - in the bathroom fixture aisle, out of nowhere, Lallie projectile throws up all over herself, the cart, our merchandise, the floor - what a mess! Poor baby....

BUT - we still had a fabulous (but tiring day). We hope Lallie feels better soon, we think it's just the teething causing a bad stomach because she had been saying "ow, ow" and touching her teeth - how could something so painful happen to such a little angel? But, all in all it was a day worth blogging about.

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