Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Engaged Couple - A Proposal Story

This beautiful couple, Patrick and Jess, became engaged just before Thanksgiving and none of us could be happier to have Jess joining the family! Patrick is Husband's brother and the two of them have been dating for just a few months longer than Husband and I have been married! They were high schoolers back then (as Patrick is 11 years younger than Husband).

Patrick and Jess were going to head out to the movies however, per his father, he had to check on calf that had the scours (which is cow indigestion. .to put it mildly). Somehow, Patrick convinced Jess to accompany him on this scour check!! Hmmm....anyways, once they were up there, in the serene quiet of the hillside (the scours was just a cover, thank goodness), Patrick proposed!! The following is a re-enactment.
Here's a picture of the happy couple with Patrick's one and only niece, Lallie (a/k/a the Flower Girl). Jess has seven nieces and nephews as well that will be worked into the wedding as well! It's going to be a BIG wedding and Jess is SO excited (as am I, as I'm re-living my wedding vicariously through Jess). Congrats you to, you are both loved so much and we can't wait to make Jess part of the family!!

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