Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wish List - Dream Big

Everyone always says to "dream big," so I shall do just that on my wish list! Of course, this would be if I were rich - okay, really, really, really rich. But still, one can dream, eh? :-)

Notice how I'm not calling this my Christmas wish list - there is a reason for that. I want not and I need not, and I am extremely and truly blessed. I have everything I could ever possibly need, plus some, so to say this is a Christmas wish list, to me anyways, would be completely against the true meanig of Christmas. This is purely for fun!

Okay, moving on....I have broken this down into categories. First ME!

I love this Milly Ruffle Sleeve Merino Wool Dress. It's the classic cocktail dress, with just a tiny bit of flair. Perfect for any cocktail occasion and can be worn with some simple shoes or some great shoes. As Pretty In Pink Megan said in her blog post yesterday, wearing a matching color shoe is so passe!

I love White House Black Market. I do own several things from there. They have great sales and are much more affordable and in my price range, while looking like (and feeling like) I'm wearing a more expensive outfit. I've tried a similar shirt, but it was much longer and poofier, this style would suit my body type much better as it doesn't gather in the waistline.

Of course, the shoe of the year is Tory Burch Lissie, which is apparently hard to find. I hear Nordstrom has sold out! I love the silver (very versitle) with the studded logo. So pretty!

Ah, the Chanel (09/2010) Lambskin Quilted Captoe boot. I love these and this is just a "nice to look at, pretty to hold" but not to buy. It must be a $1,200.00 boot! But is this NOT gorgeous! (I'm not sure how I feel about the lambskin either - I keep thinking about Husband's cousin's wife who has lambs on her farm, she would not approve!)

Okay - moving onto the family! We would love to have a sectional for our new living room. It would suit the room perfectly. I love this one from Pottery Barn, with a different fabric/color and the extended ottoman on the other side.

We haven't purchased pool deck furniture yet, really don't need any (we have a faux wicker set which works perfectly), but again, I would love all teak. Since we live in Florida, the cushions would never work (moldy = yucky!), but if California - most definately!

Next comes Lallie! She will be moving into a big girl's bed in just a few months. Husband wants a princess bed for his little princess. Isn't this darling and I already have the bedding set!

Everyone knows how I love Lilly. Normally, I go for the pink and green, but with winter, navy has been my color choice for this year. This Odile dress is so cute and I think Lallie would look adorable in it!

Last but not least, for the man of the house, the one who always provides but never asks for anything, a Rolex. Just a simple Oyster Precision Submariner Chronometer Stainless Steel watch (okay, how is that simple? I had to look 4 times to get that name right and don't even know what half of it means, I'm sure Husband does!) He loves watches and I think for him, this would be the ultimate gift!

So, that's my "Dream Big" wish list!


  1. I have my eye on some new items from Pottery Barn! That sectional is fabulous!!

  2. Love that little dress for Lallie!

  3. Those Chanel boots are so pretty!

  4. Those Lissies are too cute! Love that sectional from Pottery Barn--the color is awesome. And, those Chanel boots are ridiculously hot!