Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Linsday Phillips Shoes - LOVE them!

Lindsay Phillips, the inventor of Switch Flops, has now come out with a Switch Ballet Flat. While I am not a fan of the switch flops, I love her new flats.

I simply adore shoes and am always looking for new ones with different embellishments. Somedays I want something simple, somedays I want something with a little pearl or maybe jewel flair. Buying a pair of shoes for each of these wants can become quite costly.

So, I bought a pair of silver Lindsay Phillips Liz flats (also available in gold, copper and black). Each pair comes with one embellishment and then you get to choose a second one. They snap on and off easily and there are many varieties of embellishiments (though I wish she'd make a pearl one).

As a review, here are my favorite points:
  • They wear well with skirts, dresses, jeans, capris, tights, casual, dressy.
  • The variety of embellishiments is endless, especially if you bought all of them. They are $12.00 each.
  • They are SUPER comfortable. They insoles are padded like you're wearing Dr. Scholls and the backs are fabric and do not cut into your achilles tendon. They are also snug so they don't slip on and off
  • They first pair of shoes and two embellishments (one already on the shoe) retail for around $65.00.
  • The snaps are secure, to avoid the falling off of your flair.

So far I have the silver Liz flats (they come with the flower) with the Ila and Joy flair and I love them. My Florida toes (which are exposed for 11 months of the year) are finally happy in a pair of closed-toe flats! Yay!


  1. She is as awesome as her product line is. She joined my Junior League last year before moving out of the Tampa area.
    I will have to look for these ballet flats. They look a tad like Revas.