Friday, December 18, 2009

I declare a preppy war! STATIONARY!

Beth over at Social Climbers has declared a Preppy War! And, as far as I know, Black Labs and Lilly is the only one whose fought back in Battle #1!

My only difficulty has been deciding what preppy category is going to trump the monogram and preppy work wardrobe. As you know, preppyhood is quite the exclusive clique while being quite vast in categories (obvisouly I am joking and not trying to be pretentious - it's all fun and games!)

I am fighting back with STATIONARY (and remember which group of preps I'm in, the pink/green cult!) :-) No girl, especially a prep, can be without gobs and gobs of stationary, note cards, calling cards, all personalized of course. I have tons and usually have a great deal of inner dispute trying to pick the perfect card for a certain person/occasion.
In addition, in true Southern style, I am a note card and thank you card writing fiend! I was raised proper by my mother in understanding that a note card and thank you card MUST be personalized. And I don't mean, just saying "thank you for the present" with your signature, I mean writing a full blown note showing the recipient that they are thought of and/or thanked.
First, my personal favorite, which I own from Molly Lou Gifts. Mine has some green in it, it's not a thank you and has our family name, but I just think it's so adorable!Then there is the sorority stationary. I chose Phi Mu as that is my sorority and the patchwork gives the card a little college flair while not becoming overly cartoonish (as some sorority stationary can get with their mascots).
Obviously, it being the Holidays, I had to include a Christmas card. This, also from Molly Lou Gifts, is one of my favorites. It's simple and fun, with a hint of elegance, but not overly stuffy (I think some cards are just too stuffy, do you know what I mean?)And then, there are the fun note cards, such as this cocktail girl card, or the whale note cards (new from Vineyard Vines!). In other stationary groups, are the simple note cards to attach to professional or personal correspondance with a pink or green paper clip. Now, as Miss Black Labs and Lilly said, it's very difficult to have a preppy office in the work environment. These show off your preppy personality without being "out there." And of course, there is always the calling card, great for moms on the go! (Did you think I was going to forget Lilly? Give me some credit!)

So there you have it! What is your favorite stationary? I'd love to know because I might just want it! :-)


  1. OH! I'm SO gonna get you. Love the stationary. I'll be back tomorrow with mine! LOL


  2. love the stationery war idea. Thanks for the shout outs. Those VV whale cards are just too cute.

    I love your new look and banner. Hope you're doing well and having a great week. :)

  3. Ok.... so I am absence form blogging for the week and feel like I've been under a rock. Preppy War???? Are there rules? I am lost.....
    Love stationary. I probably have a few dead trees in stationary. Sadly not all of it is personalized.

  4. Love it love it love it!!!! Stationary is a good one, and very sneaky slipping in that having your stationary at your desk shows your preppy-ness wilst being descrete, undercover preppy!!!

  5. I am sure that I would win the totebag, pen and stationary war!!! Or at least I would be a top contender!!

  6. I love pink and green (my wedding was pink and green-my maids wore pink lillys!) I am crazy about writing thank you notes, and I get peeved that girls think they can send an email now a days (Grr)! My mother also instilled that in me:)

  7. Love this Miss Belle! You know we love our Lilly, and the new Vineyard Vines is awesome. We have to throw in Crane's, they have been a staple for years, and they still do a bang-up job.

    Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  8. I LOVE stationary! I have SO much of it, I need to organize better because it is everywhere!

    I've become a fan of Vera Bradley notecards lately, they have some really cute sets.

    PS. I agree that thank you notes are so important. My best friend and I are still annoyed about the lack of a thank you note from wedding gifts we gave to a third friend more than a year ago! Awful!