Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We went north to my in-laws farm in Kentucky where my mother-on-law hosted 26 people for the big day. No worries, she does it every year (usually for 32!) and handles it flawlessly with the help of other cooking family members.
First off, you know how I love the farm and all the homemade, preservative/chemical free food the comes from it. Well, now I can add juice. With Husband's granny's recipe, my MIL made a wonderful batch of grape juice.

Of course, what would Thanksgiving day be without the turkey. Literally....fresh turkey....I mean still alive turkey. Yep, we had a flock of turkeys right outside the window on TDay itself.

After the meal, Lallie and cousin Nancy played with the other little cousins.

....while everyone else sat back and relaxed (or slept).

Later, Lallie went out to feed the horses.

Lallie LOVES to watch grandaddy feeding the cows. He usually feeds them in a feed-shed way on top of this hill however, just for Lallie, he rolled a bail of hay down the hill so she could watch the cows eat. The cows tend to get in the way as they are all chasing the tractor up the hill for the food, so Lallie made sure they were okay by yelling "Move cows, move!"

Grandaddy and Lallie having a chat over pizza at Daddy's old activity table.

Jess (soon to be Aunt Jess!!!! YEP, Brother-in-law and his long-time girlfriend are engaged!!!!)Anyways, Jess and Lallie looking for Kitty Kat, a/k/a Tiddy Tat.

Last but not least (and once again, the only Granny picture we got). Lallie and Granny outside feeding the birds.


  1. This makes me so happy and thankful for family! I'm sorry we're missing you guys all together this year (we're coming up for the Yankee Swap). Thanks for the posting the pics of the Skaggs family circle/nap time after dinner. Did Trivial Pursuit make it out?