Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Things are absolutely bonkers in the SLPS household this week.  Lallie was sick all weekend, out of school most of the days Friday and Monday.  Yesterday, Husband became ill and it is a nasty bug.  Today, I am ill, but I am at work because.....mean co-worker was fired yesterday and since this person, technically worked for me, bossman is depending on me to pick up the slack and delegate until we hire a new person.

Bonkers, I tell you, bonkers!!

So, please excuse my lack of posts and I know the family is looking forward to some new Lallie pictures, but she didn't look so hot this weekend!  She' on the path to recovery now though!!

Update on the Nailene nails:  Well, they lasted for 10 days.  I will say that they started to look a little rough the last two days (air pockets underneath) but compared to my natural nails, still an improvement.  I did notice that they don't grow out like salon nails, they stayed close to my cuticles.  Fluke maybe?  I think I will try KISS nails next, I heard they were better from mutilple blogger friends.

As for Lenten promises:

(1) shopping - still 100% good!  I am shocked at myself.  It's not as hard as I thought it would be.

(2) negativity - doing "eh" on this one.  Co-worker being gone definately helps in this department but the household sickness has taken it's place!  I'm still trying to be more concious.

(3) Bible - I know you'll be disappointed (as will God more importantly), I have yet to crack the binding :-(  Enough said. 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Hang in there missy! I think as long as you are thinking about the bible, but abiding by the others you will have a free pass on that one!

  2. Sorry everyone is feeling under the weather. Hope everyone is up and about again soon!

  3. So sorry to hear that everyone is not feeling well. I hope everyone gets better soon :)

  4. Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon! Sorry about the extra work load due to mean co-worker getting fired...hopefully they'll hire someone REALLY NICE to replace them! :) XO

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