Monday, March 29, 2010

Email from Husband - Subject: This Will Save Our Marriage

I had a fabulous blog of this weekend prepared for you however, youtube won't upload my video, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow.

So instead, an email from Husband.

Since day one of our marriage, Husband has nagged at me over the way I load the dishwasher.  I don't do it right, things don't get cleaned well etc., etc.
So I get this email from Husband this morning, the forward of a Yahoo article, the dos and don'ts of loading a dishwasher.  The subject line "this will save our marriage."

Well, Darling Husband, I was the music and philosophy major in college, you were the engineer, so you fill the dishwasher!  My more creative side just doesn't have a brain that works in fitting things in tight spaces for maximum cleanliness.  AND, this wouldn't be an issue if you'd put your dirty dishes in the washer to start with, instead of leaving them in the sink for me to put in the dishwasher!  Just sayin' (he knows I hate that phrase!)  Okay?

(Of course, I'm joking and my tone really is a happy one, not snide as it may sound.  We've been fighting this battle for years, so it's really become kind of funny!)

Anyways, in case you need help in loading the can click here for some expert advice (really? the plastic stuff goes on the top so it won't melt? I didin't know that :-)


  1. ha, this article might save my parents marriage as father never likes the way my mother loads it, and ends up redoing it half the time!

  2. Same problem at our house-Husband is an engineer as well... He is forever leaving dishes on the counter for me to put inthe dishwasher-I don't mind-but then Fter I load the dishwasher, he rearranges it and complains how I can fit more items in the washer if I do it his way... Blah blah blah. The house is immaculate, laundry washed and pressed, meals are homemade and served on time....-enough with the dishwasher!!!;) I say this in jest as well. Neither of us will change!
    Could it be an engineering degree thing????

  3. OMG, this is the BANE, I tell you, BANE of my existence. LC always complained that I never do it right. "Why'd you put that facing this way. Put that on the top rack. Don't put that in the dishwasher." Girl, I was so over it. It's gotten to the point that LC just handles the dishes altogether. And now, if I am nice enough to do it, I can hear him later on moving things around. BUT, he doesn't say a word. And I'm okay with that:)

  4. i fought this battle for a few years. my bf was the worse dishwasher loader ever. never rinsed them before putting them in. put too many in there. didn't use the right detergent. the list goes on.

    our genius solution: i always load; he always empties and puts away. i can't complain when he asks me to load. he can't complain when i ask him to unload. this saved our relationship. :]

  5. We have the same engineer thing going in our home only the difference is that my husband would NEVER offer to load the dishwasher. I am also way to OCD to let him, so I guess it works for us. :)

  6. LOL my daughter (whos job it is to load) is a dishwasher natzi!

  7. Didn't know that about plastic!