Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hi ladies!  I've been getting lots of emails asking me where I've been this week and if all is okay!  First off, thank you for the concern and thoughts, you are all truly so nice to think of little ole me!  Honestly, several of you would be fantastic friends in real life!

Yes, I'm fine.  Thank you for asking!  I am just working crazy hard at work doing two jobs, setting up interviews and finalzing a Junior League event I'm heading up in a couple of weeks.  By the time I get home at night, it's all family, no computer and then as soon as Lallie is in bed....*konk*. 

However, things are going well and smooth and my office is SO MUCH HAPPIER!  I know caps are a huge taboo over internet, but I just want to get the point across that even though we're all working harder, we're all doing so with big smiles! :-)

I do have Lallie updates for you later this week!

But tomorrow, I will be introducing you to a fantastic, fantastic, fantastic jewelry designer I've recently had the chance to chat with and get to know.  You are going to LOVE her and her jewelry.  It is affordable, perfect for summer (and Lilly P.) and absolutely gorgeous.  So check back tomorrow.  Oh, and my readers get a special discount!  So even though I'm not shopping during Lent, I can live vicariously through you!  (and no the towels, soap, bath mat and hand towel holder don't count as shopping...right?)


  1. You sound just busy as a bee!!! Glad that nothing is wrong. (((hugs))) for a happy week!

  2. Love your blog title and tag line! What do you do in your spare time? You make me look like a slug!

  3. I am happy to know that everything is fine :) I was going to post a comment to see where have you been. ha ha. Looking forward to the jewelry debut!

  4. Home stuff doesn't count as shopping - they are necessities just like groceries. ;) You're doing great!