Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Land of Nod

I adore Land of Nod.  I get their catalogs in the mail and often hold onto them for future toddler room decorating ideas.  Their furniture and designs are modern, yet still traditional enough for our personal decorating styles.  With Lallie getting ready to turn three in a few months, I've been looking at decorating themes, something that suits her personality (i.e. frilly, imaginative, girly, mature) as well as something that will grow with her.

I love this wallpaper.  I saw it last month in the magazine on the lower portion of a wall with the upper wall, chair rail and base boards painted light pink.  Husband agreed it was very Lallie-esque.

I love the idea of bunk beds or twin beds.  I personally like the full size on the bottom with the twin on top.  Maybe something a little less boxy and symmetrical though.  But, why two beds?  I'm assuming Lallie will have sleep overs at some point!

For bedding, definitely frilly and classy and non-theme oriented.  (I cringe at the thought of Lallie eventually starting to pick her own clothes, including the Barbie or Dora tee shirt....yuck!)

An activity table in the corner of the room would be fantastic.  Lallie really enjoys playing in her room and if I'm upstairs working on some sort of craft, this would be a perfect place for her to spend quiet time or time with her friends.  Husband would say, and where would the rest of her toys go (i.e. train table, easel, playhouse, and more and more)?

Add in a rug for a little umph in the play area, some pictures and some pretty but useful wall hangings, like a hair bow holder (handmade by yours truly of course) and ta-da.... a cute, girly, but not too young toddler room for Lallie.

Of course, this will take some time (and money) and I doubt all will come from Land of Nod (if any) as it's expensive, but it's definitely a great place to peruse for ideas!  I did buy a few Christmas gifts from there this year and the kids loved their toys from Land of Nod.

(All pictures courtesy of Land of Nod)


  1. When my sister was born, my mom changed my whole room (I was 2)... I had a queen sized bed and everything! I still have the same bed!!!

  2. The second bedding picture you posted (with the pink, green, and blue damask) is actually the bedding I want in my apartment next year haha!! I can't believe that because I was thinking about writing a post on Land of Nod today!!!

  3. oh those are all fantastic! i thought land of nod was only for children, but clearly i'm mistaken...what beautiful finds :) and i'm with you about anti - themey clothes for kids...keep the characters on the television!!
    p.s. i left you an award over on my blog!

  4. I wrote a post about "big girl" bedding not long ago, and some of your choices were in my post! They really are adorable!

    When I wrote my post, I couldn't get the pictures to capture. I assumed it was because they were animated rather than a still pic. How did you capture the pictures? Do you have any little tricks?

    I'm just dipping my toes into the blogging pool, but I'm over at http://andreaplaysdressup.blogspot.com if you want to check it out!