Thursday, March 18, 2010

Exciting Things!

Wow! We have been B.U.S.Y. in the SLPS household.

First off, don't forget to check out my Etsy shop.  I just lowered some of my prices to be a little more competitive.  These dresses are so cute and perfect for spring.  Lallie has several and loves them!
Great news...we have a new employee! Yay!  She starts Monday and thankfully she is very expereinced in our accounting software, so I don't have to train her there.  I've simply made a list of all she needs to know and she should be good to go!

Saturday and Sunday is the big Junior League event I've been busy planning with all the girls pictured below.  It's called Junior League's Kids in the Kitchen and is such a great concept - educating kids on the importance of healthy eating habits.  Most of the details of the event are wrapped up and I'm really looking forward to a couple of fun days.  We met at my house a couple weeks ago for last minute planning and I've really gotten to know these ladies.  They are really great, fun people and I know they're going to turn out to be friends.  (Don't you love my black and white shirt?  It is a fun shirt, Husband loves it).

Lenten promise:  BAD, Bad, bad, bad, bad little Christian.  But that's okay, because it's the thought that counts???  Not really, but I have re-grouped and will finish out the Lenten season on a better note.  Thankfully I'm loved no matter what! :-)

I shopped.  Boy, did I shop.  I bought three handbags (but really, they were SO cheap, they were sample sales for $15 when normally they are $150+....okay, it was the devil, I know this now.)  I wish I could return them, but they're from independent contractors, final sale...and I've sort of used them already.  I also bought some guest bathroom decor ($20.00).  I couldn't have the JL girls to my house without dressing up our completely plain bathroom, right?  Okay, wrong.  Nevermind.

I did buy a dress for Easter Sunday.  This was cleared through husband and I got it NWT on ebay for 75% off the original price.  It's Lilly and matches a Lilly dress for Lallie.  I'm going to get Husband a Vineyard Vines tie in the same colors.  We are going to have a friend who's a photographer take some family pictures in these outfits as well (beach, home, etc.)  I have a great idea for getting all white sheets and doing a family fun shot in our bedroom?  I've seen pictures like this before, and they turn out so cute?  Thoughts?

Moving on.  Negativity.  comme ci comme ca.  Eh?  Okay.  Better since co-worker has been gone, but it's been a little stressful at times, so doing, just okay.  Definately better than before though.

Bible - again, just okay.  Could be better.  I have read several chapters in different books and have been able to take it to use, but only for the following day.  I need to be more reflective of what I'm reading, to put it into practice.  I think I need to re-read Ephesians.  I really enjoyed that book and it seems to have a bearing on my life right now, in this moment.

Only one other thing going on now.  Lallie, poor Lallie.  She has entered into nightmare zone.  Poor baby girl woke up probably around 11:00 the other night crying.  Husband lulled her back to sleep, but then she woke up again and talked to herself for about an hour.  Full on sentances.  Not talking in sleep nonsense.  Then she started to scream bloody murder.  She was terrified that bugs were crawling on her.  We brought her to our bed and it was the same thing.  Talking, crying, bugs on her.  It was actually quite concerning and scary.  Here's a picture of her the next morning, sleeping in the car. 
I called the doctor the next day wondering if it was the Zyrtec we give her at dinnertime.  I remember having similar issues myself as a child when I'd have a bad reaction to allergy medicines.  Apparently, it's not Zyrtec at all.  That this medicine does NOT cause night terrors.  She's just going through a stage.  Poor baby girl.  She's been fine the last two nights, but I'm on pins and needles right now when I put her down, wondering if she's going to have another terrible night.  I would never want her to have bad dreams.  I've been keeping nighttime routine calm for the past few nights, to help eliminate, so far it's working out okay.

Shoooo, so that's what's going on in our crazy lives!  I shall resume normal postings next week!  Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Good luck with Kids in the Kitchen! Our general meeting this month was all about Kids in the Kitchen. We had the sneaky chef as our speaker and we each walked away with one of her cookbooks!

  2. oh good luck with your event! it sounds great!! and i'm so sorry to hear about lallie, i hope that they go away soon!

  3. aw hun good luck with your event, and i hope that these pass soon for lallie...sound very scary :(

  4. Enjoy the event! I remember when I chaired the committee it was a lot of fun. It's a great cause that unfortunately my League abandoned to focus on foster care needs.

  5. you certainly have been busy. Whew! Can't wait to hear how your event goes this weekend...thinking about you. Have a great time.

  6. Have fun! I can't wait to see your Easter shots!

  7. I hope the event goes well and those night terrors stop bothering your sweet girl. Poor thing!

  8. Wow you have some great items in your Etsy shop! Are they all hand-made by you?

    I just started a blog too that I think you might like. It combines fashion and giving back to charities. Each week, I will give away 1 Lilly Pulitzer dress (this week it’s the Pink Adelson Shift from Spring 2010) to one lucky follower, who raises awareness of the blog's selected charity through various ways such as tweeting about it or commenting with an interesting fact. I am currently also giving away some great Lilly stationary items too. Please check out my blog at because doing good is chic!

  9. I had night terrors too when I was little. If it helps any, my mom laughs about it now. I'm sure at the time it was just awful, but it will definitely pass.