Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Let the Summer Begin!

Preface - This is from last weekend, weekend before Easter.  I am SO behind on blogging due to craziness at work....again!  Anyways, enjoy and I hope everyone is doing well!

Most of you are thinking "what? Summer?"  Yes, well in South Florida, we experience a mild winter (a frigid 30 degrees) and then hightail it directly into Summer, no stopping for Spring, straight into 85 degree weather.
So, this weekend was all about the outdoors and summer!

On Friday, I met for lunch with Petunia in Paradise at California Pizza Kitchen.  Yumm!!  I had never eaten there before and Petunia has certainly made an addict out of me!  We had lots to talk about, things to plan and just to catch up.  I hadn't seen her since January, so that was nice.

Friday night, Husband and I headed out on a boat with our friends Niki and Sean to head to a benefit.  We just cruised along the inlet until it was time for the benefit and then we docked and went to the place it was held (we docked at the benefit, it was on the water).  The kids all stayed at Niki and Sean's with one of their teachers as a babysitter.  They had SO MUCH FUN!  We were going to leave Lallie to stay the night (her first sleepover) but we freaked and took her home.  Really, she was fine.

Saturday, we had our first swim since December....a seriously long time (joking!!)  Lallie and Husband swam, I didn't brave it and after about 10 minutes, Lallie was so cold we had to put her into a warm shower.  The water wasn't that cold, but the wind made her cold and she kept getting out to go down the slide.

Saturday night, there was a lot of moaning and groaning coming from our house as we mourned the loss of Kentucky to West Virginia in the Elite Eight.  Our neighbor called to ask if we needed tissues as he's from WV and was gloating.  I told him he was no longer welcome on our side of the street (again, kidding).

Sunday, we headed to church for a fabulous Palm Sunday.  Lallie's Godfather, who is a fantastic singer, sang all Jesus Christ Superstar songs.  It was a wonderful service.  We ended of course, with the Passion and reflection for the Holy Week to come.  (I wore an adorable Tibi tube top dress, I wish you could see it, I love it....of course, it was an ebay find - $27.00 NWT, originally $338.00 - SCORE!)

 After coming home, Lallie and I spent time outside looking for our new yard friend, a bunny rabbit.  It's so cute with a white fluffy tail, Lallie loves it (so does the dog!).  

Then daddy and Lallie made Jello Jigglers!

All in all, a fun weekend!  Hope y'all had a great weekend too!


  1. What a sweet picture of you and Lallie!

  2. Sounds like ya'll had a great pre-easter weekend....

    And we in Texas are with you on the weather... it's been in the 80's and sunny here for the past few weeks, and we actually went out on the lake over easter weekend!

    Do take a picture of your easter dress! I love checking out other people's easter finds!

  3. Lallie is such a little doll! So glad you guys had a wonderful Easter. It really has gotten hot already hasn't it!?!