Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Festivities

This past weekend, we went to the Palm Beach Zoo.  While small, it's extremely well organized, has wonderful animals and activities, and is just big enough for a toddler to stand the entire park in a few hours.  Lallie LOVES animals and her attention span is quite impeccable when it comes to animals, so doesn't get bored at all.  Have you seen that show Life on Discovery, the one Oprah narrates?  She loves that show and will sit through hours of it laughing and talking about the animals.
Another neat thing about the Palm Beach zoo is all the plant life they have for viewing pleasures.  Isn't this flower neat?  It's a Shave Brush flowering tree from Mexico.  Husband mentioned that it reminded him of his granddaddy's shaving brush.  It's an interesting and very beautiful tree, wish we could get one to grow here.  We would totally have one in our yard.
Our outfits of the day were all about Spring.  Lallie's little outfit was from Tar-jay.  They have the cutest, yet inexpensive clothes for toddlers.  Perfect as Lallie always stains them on the first outing!  That's okay though because dirt equals FUN!  Me, in my staple spring Lilly fashions.  I love this skirt, I have a couple of them that I bought from Hopsy a while back.  They are so comfy for casual outings.  Also wearing my fun pink and green Steven Bonannos.  These sandals, so comfy and once you wear them out, take them in for an overhaul and wa-la, new shoes!

I thought this was a funny picture, me at my best!  I'm always being silly in some way or another, and I'm also extremely gullible.  Husband convinced me that a bird pooped on me and I was searching for the poop when Husband surprised me with a picture.

Lallie, again loves animals, and isn't the least bit scared of them.  I am totally creeped out by reptiles and snakes (seriously, things without legs belong in the water).  Husband and I try our very best to not be negative about reptiles as Lallie is fascinated by them.  On the show, Life, the reptiles are her favorite and she laughs at the slo-mo reptile shots of them running.  SO (and that is a big "SO"), in order to put the creepiness aside, Lallie and I got to pet a three year old alligator.  I was proud of Lallie AND myself for taking such a risk!  It really wasn't so bad, it was actually kind of neat.
The other interesting animal.  The Bearcat.  Isn't it adorable? It uses it's tail as a fifth appendage.  It's name was Scooter, but he was so slow, I wouldn't say Scooter was the appropriate name.  :-)

At the end of our zoo trip, we let Lallie play, fully clothed, in the fountains.  Not blog appropriate, but she's such a little princess and she didn't want to get wet in her dress and leggings, so I took the leggings and shoes off and she proceeded to run across the 50 foot wide fountain area.....with her dress held up and her underwear hanging (and when wet, sagging)...out from under her!  Look at this face, not a care in the world, only fun, love and laughter.  At this age, this is all they know and I wish it could stay this way forever.  These are the days to remember!
In other weekend activities, we had the moments we don't want to remember so much.  Ah, the Meltdown.  Despite the meltdown, she's still adorable to me!

And she loves tee-ball and man, does this tiny little body have a swing!  I try to stand to catch the ball and it stings she hits it so hard!  I taught her to play a minature form of baseball.  Hit the ball, drop the bat and run to the tree before mommy can catch her.  She loves to do this over, and over, and over, and over, and over.....again.
We had a great weekend and we sure hope you did too!  Now that work has slowed down, we've moved to our new office, and company has left, I hope to be back to regularly scheduled blogging next week!


  1. What a fabulous weekend! Your bird poop pose is hysterical ~ what a good sport to add it to your post ;) You look fabulous in your pink and green glory.

    Have a great week,

  2. Perfect weekend for a trip to the zoo! My daughter keeps asking when we're going back, so I need to plan a trip soon. Love your spring outfits - so glad we can finally wear them again!

  3. I love the poop picture. Tell Husband GW misses him and loves him. And I CAN'T WAIT to see you in a few weeks. I think we should sing karaoke again while you are here. :-)

  4. Oh my gosh Lallie is just the cutest thing ever!!! I love her outfit!! I haven't checked out my Target in a few weeks (gasp!!) but I need to run over there obviously!