Monday, April 12, 2010


Since I have caught up on weekend family activities, am not really crafting anything right now and don't have anything better to say, I'll tell a story.  Do you remember THIS story I told a while back?  Oh yeah, I have LOADS of these stories and after the fact, I (and multiple others) can laugh until our sides hurt and eyes tear.

My husband says that I'm one of those book smart people but have absolutely zero common sense.  Not the common sense as in everyday life and activities as I do tend to make good choices.  I mean, common sense, as in trying to understand jokes, getting witisms mixed up etc. I am just like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation when he says "burn my road grit and eat my rubber."  I don't usually get the jist of things the first time around.

On top of all that, I tend to say exactly what is in my mouth and not in my brain.  My dad can attest that this has been a problem all my life.  However, this is only in my personal life.  Too date, in over 10 years of being in the work force, I can only count two times when I've let my mouth get ahead of my brain while on the job.  I'll tell those stories some day as well as they are doozies!

So here comes a "Jennifer Story" as told by my Husband.

We had just finished eating at a restaurant and were walking out to our car when Jennifer said, "Hey honey, did you hear about Vanilla Ice and the Wallaroo?"  Knowing full well that a great story was going to come out of Jennifer and knowing that she'd get it all mixed up, I egged her on and said, "no, why don't you tell me" even though I knew the story full well (it was about a goat and a wallabee in "real" life). 

Jennifer:  "Well, you know Vanilla Ice lives just north of here.  And his pet Wallaroo got loose"

Stuart:  "Really Jennifer, a Wallaoo, what exactly is a Wallaroo?"

Jennifer: (looks at me extremely condescendingly, like I am stupid and says) "Don't you know anything, it's the cross between a kangaroo and a goat!"

 Can't you just picture that?

Hahaha....have a great Monday!


  1. This post gave me just the smile I needed this Monday afternoon! Thanks Jennifer! :) XO

  2. That made me laugh! When I have those bad "street smart" days, I just say: Well, I was born blonde! Also wanted to let you know you've been crowned. Please stop by my blog for further instructions!

  3. hahaha Love this story. I cannot even picture that but I love it nonetheless.