Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello L.L. Bean!

Ahhh, new office.  Finally moved however, in the transfer, my camera cord has managed to become MIA.  So, no pictures of the new office or weekend for right now.  Oh well, as the saying goes "it is what it is."

Moving on.  I receved a L.L. Bean catalog in the mail yesterday.  Wow, definately not your mother's L.L. Bean anymore!  It is chock full of the cutest, affordable and colorful clothes and shoes this season.  It was actually quite hard to choose my favorites.

I am really loving dresses this season.  Last year it was the capris (which I still love), but with the heat on it's way, I'd rather where a dress for breathability.

I think I need this new tote (*want* I should not say need as I truly don't need anything).  It's lobsters and crabs in pink and green!

I really like the lattice look this year, very nautical and summery.  Perfect for some boating evenings that we have planned (eh hmmmm.....Niki/Sean) :-)

I love yellow, it happens to be Lallie's favorite color too (this week anyways).  It's just cheery and sunny.  I really like these shorts (hope you can see the print).

I love whales right now.  In fact, I'm thinking about some whale motif for Lallie's big girl room.  How preppy is this cardi?!?!?

Seriously, I'm having issues trying to figure out when to stop posting pictures.  Look at these shoes....these are a must have for boating season!! (again, for those boating evenings... eh hmm, eh hmmm...Niki/Sean).

Okay, just a few last pictures (I'll make them small to end this little post before it goes into the entire L.L. Bean New Arrivals section).

Ta Ta for Now!


  1. I adore the new LL Bean stuff too!

  2. Cute stuff- this makes me want to go to - stat!!

  3. um, I really want that whale cardi! ll bean has gotten much better, I agree! I recently ordered two totes- the madras in pink (large) and blue (medium) and I LOVE them! I may have to go look for dresses too!

  4. Oh, I love those yellow shorts!

  5. Cute stuff! I guess I will be ordering more than their canvas totes from now on :)

  6. Great picks, I love them all, makes me want to go shopping RIGHT NOW! :) I am seriously lusting after the lobster/crab bag....ahhhh....want....neeeeeeed!

  7. Just saw this dress in my LL Bean catalog this afternoon. Too cute!