Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nantucket Bedroom

(Still looking for camera cord - soon, I promise!)

Husband has finally won what I call the "Lallie Bed Debate."  I want twin beds with adorable little fabric headboards, or even a trundle with a pull out bed underneath (she's eventually going to have sleep overs....she's already been on one. Well, sort of.  Husband and I freaked and picked her up even though slept soundly.  But I digress). 

Husband just thinks we should move right to full size bed so we don't have to go buy a whole new bedroom set (I have some old Ethan Allen furniture - the stuff never dies - that can be painted and used, with adorable little knobs).  I digress again.  After I saw this spread in Pottery Barn Kids, I changed my mind and decided to agree with him (we women can agree once we get what we want right?  Lallie certainly doesn't know what she wants, well, not when it comes to decor anyways, not yet).  So, we are doing the full bed.  Insert naughty witchy laugh as I smirk and rub hands together thinking wicked snide thoughts.

Is this not the most gorgeous little girl's room you've ever seen?  I am in love.

I love the pink and blue and the adorable sail boats and beach motif.  How appropriate since we live on the water, sort of.  Okay, it's a pond, but we live 1/2 mile from the ocean (okay, inlet).

Of course, being the thrifty and crafty mom I am, I will not buy some of the other matching things at their retail costs.  I can make them and have my own little mommy touch, right?

So, if I stick with this theme, I will use my new friend, MOD PODGE, and make a life preserver (because that's just so cute).  I will paint something similar to these lovely little pictures:

and I will MOD PODGE (don't you just love that phrase) and make fabric letters (seriously, $15.00 a piece? Yeah right!)

And pink and blue is so fitting considering the dollhouse I'm going to remodeling is pink and her big playhouse is pink and blue with a Cape Cod feel.

Ahhhhh.....I can see now.  Do you think I'm setting myself up for a Chevy Chase National Lampoon's Vacation expectation?  It's going to be great!


  1. WOW, okay love this bedroom, especially not that it's just nautical, but because it's Nantucket nautical. I'll most likely be decorating my daughter's room like this when we move into our next house, whenever that will be. :) And she'll most likely move to a twin bed first, mostly because that way the bed won't take up too much space.

  2. I love all of it. It's so adorable:)

  3. So adorable. I just love it, and I think the projects that you have planned will add a real special touch. Good luck and keep us posted on the progress!

  4. Very cute! I love pink and blue together, and that canopy/tent is so much fun!

  5. So cute! Love the sea animal prints.

  6. How could you not have sweet dreams in that bedroom? I want to spend the night! :)


  7. I LOVE this bedroom! I think you can make something super cute and nautical. Make sure to email me photos of the finished room so I can post as part of my Nautical Photo of the Week.