Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Husband and I love botanical prints and we would love to have some in our home.  Something like these maybe?

These are from Ballard Designs and are $139.00 each or $499.95 for the set. Wowser!

Maybe these?
Definately not as bad, but at $39.00 each, can still be expensive when you group them.

So, Husband came up with a plan, purchased the plan materials and then I executed such plan. 

Here are the supplies:

5 Ribba picture frames from IKEA ($4.99 each)
Old botanical book found at a used book store ($2.00)
Total cost:  $28.57

Final product (temporary home for all five, until we get a picture ledge for them).


  1. Absolutely beautiful, I love what you have done with your prints! What a bargain and they look just as nice as the Ballard prints, if not better! I actually like the colors in your prints much better, they are brighter and more unusual. You are an inspriation Miss Jennifer!! xox

  2. Great idea girl! They look great and you cant beat that price! Hope your having a great day! xoxo

  3. I like your version best!! Beautiful!!

  4. Love this... I have been dying to do this same project myself but haven't found a book of botanical prints I liked enough... I'm still on the hunt though! Yours are gorgeous!

  5. Wow! Amazing! Love these! So so talented. :) What a great idea.

  6. Love it, you did a great job! I did the same thing but with fauna prints- mostly birds.

  7. Jennifer, they look fantastic and just as nice as the $500 group. Can you send your husband up here? :-)

  8. what a fabulous idea ~ they turned out wonderfully!


  9. Good for you! I did the same thing! I did a grouping of 6 botanicals I bought on e-bay. I would love to find something sea-ish and do the same. Great job!

  10. Genius! And this way you get to customize them so they're exactly what you want!