Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Picks - Colors that Make Me Smile

I LOVE Spring.  I adore wearing bright, bright colors to work or to play as I just feel great when I'm wearing bright colors.  Of course, my staple is Lilly Pulitzer.  During Spring and Summer, I wear at least one Lilly a day whether it be shoes, a scarf or a dress.

My faves from Lilly this year are:

The alligator Bermuda shorts.  My Husband despises Bermuda shorts, but I love them.  They are comfy, can be worn to work or play and I love these because Lallie loves alligators.  In south Florida, I could totally get away with wearing these to the office with some cute wedges.
This is my absoulte favorite Lilly this Spring.  It is just so colorful, it makes anyone smile.  I love tube top maxi resses anyways, they feel classy without showing too much skin and are super comfy.
Wedding season has begun!  This halter would be so pretty with some white flowly long pants and adorable sparkly heels.  The beadwork along the neckline just push the top from "eh" too "umph"!
Ah the romper.  I just don't feel like I could wear the romper.  But if I could, I would wear this one.  It's tasteful (as in the shorts aren't unbelievably short) and since it's silk, it would be comfy with an air of class. 

Moving on.  Vineyard Vines.  I'm not so much loving Vineyard Vines as I used to.  Their colors aren't as appealing to me this year, maybe because their too pastel.  I like the "in your face" bright colors.  But I do like this Beach House dress.
I am loving turqouise this year.  Someone told me turquoise is the color of the year, so I'm kind of surprised it was so difficult for me to find skirts and dresses that I liked.  I really would love to have this Angela Moore Lucky Day print in the necklace.  The pink and turquoise is just so happy!.

What to pair with this gorgeous necklace?  How about the Angela Moore Carly Dress.

Or this cute little tee-shirt skirt from Old Navy with just a plain white tank and the necklace to
Or the Shana Dress by Antonio Melani.  With a cute cardi for the office, I'll feel like a 1950's housewife in this one I think.

So what do you think?  What are your favorite picks this season?


  1. Oooh I love spring, and I love, love, love summer dresses! I m so ready to start wearing things that are light and airy and to put away the wool dresses and heavy tights!

  2. I love that halter, so cute with white pants! (This would also look great on someone with a fresh tan from the beach ;)

  3. I just got the top from Lilly you showed. Too cute! Love your picks.

  4. Yes ma'am these are some beautiful selections, I'm sure you would look amazing in any of them (especially that beautiful Lilly maxi dress!!)

    Hope your week is off to a great start!

  5. I love spring colors! Such fabulous picks...especially that last dress!

  6. Great picks! I love bright summer clothes :) The halter is my favorite.

  7. Love the Lilly top! Too cute! May have to get my hands on that. :)

  8. such cute choices! I was in AT Loft today and didn't care for anything. I used to love that store but they have changed their styles recently.

  9. I love color too. And I love that maxi dress. Great choices. I am so happy it's spring!

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  10. Love your site and all the wonderful spring picks you've featured here! You've got fabulous taste!

  11. Oooh, you picked some goodies! The Angela Moore bracelet is one of my favorites, she has the cutest things!

    Sending you a springtime smile!