Friday, May 27, 2011

Lilly Added to my Closet

Yesterday, I made a trip to C. Orrico down in Hobe Sound.  They are getting read to close the store May 31st for "off season" (a/k/a snowbirds fly north for the winter).   

*For those of you that don't know, "snowbirds" are generally retirees that live in South Florida for 3 to 6 months during the winter and go back north to their other homes in the summer.*

Since they were closing up shop, they didn't have a large selection, but what they did have was 20% off entirely!  So if you're nearby, stop on in!

I tried on the Sullivan Dress in Starburst Yellow Stamped. I love this dress and have been dying to try it on.  I went with XS first as that's what I would normally wear and I could NOT get it down over my hips.  It stayed stuck at my waist (and after doing 33 pushups on my toes earlier that morning to work on said waist, I was a disappointed shopper). 

So I tried the Small and the top part was too big with the hips a little snug.  It just did not look right and I was quite disappointed.   She suggested a belt with it, but I'm not a belt person, so I just passed.  Sadness. 

I also tried the Clare dress in Worth Blue Pressed (I think).  I can't remember because if it fit, I would have ordered it in Hotty Pink First Impression, not Worth Blue.  It fit perfectly....except I'm not a ruffles girl and didn't like the look.  I still think it's adorably cute for those of you that do love ruffles and the dress is ultra-comfy.

So, what DID I actually buy?

The Caroline Cable Knit Cardigan in white (as a girl can never have too many cardis and they can be pared with anything, professional, casual, even a day out on the boat!)

And a Boatneck Hipster Tee in what else?  Hotty Pink! Lilly's tees are SO comfy and hold up so well!  I have some tees that are two or three years old that even though washed many times....but also lined dried, look as good as the day I bought them!  So Target Tee at $20.00 worn out in a few months or Lilly at $40.00 and it lasts for years?  I say Lilly!

And the Egan Tunic in Worth Blue Pressed (shocking, it's not pink OR green!)
I love this tunic and the fit.  Perfect with shorts, capris or long white pants like I'm wearing today.  I'm loving the look of the yellow shorts in this picture.  Something to think about for the future.

Now, to what do I owe the pleasure of getting some fun goodies?  Husband and my anniversary is coming up June 15th (9 years ladies!).  Husband was in Hobe Sound for a business meeting, drove by C. Orrico and hesitantly called me to say they were having a sale and to go pick out some things for our anniversary.

AND, it forced me to "summer-ize" my closet (I know, I know, how does one "summer-ize" a South Florida closet).  I'll show you next week (once I finish cleaning said closet as it's a little embarrassing right now!)

Happy Friday Y'all!


  1. Oh yay got some pretties my friend-

    Happy Early Anniversary.
    I hope you have a great holiday weekend <3

  2. oh my goodness i love that tunic, great lilly choices (though it is hard to go wrong haha)
    have a wonderful holiday !

  3. I love your purchases. Very cute.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Very cute!! I just got some new lilly too! It always brightens my day! <3

  5. Love the pieces you picked out!

  6. Great finds! Is anything by Lilly ever not cute? I don't think so! haha
    Can't wait to see the photos of your closet.

  7. Love the Lilly stuff!!! Congrats on your 9th anniversary...We just celebrated our 9th a few weeks ago:)

  8. Love your Lilly purchases. Especially love the Egan! It looks so cute on you! Congrats on nine years. The hubs and I will be celebrating our seventh next month.