Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nothing causes this girl to remove her pearls!

 Okay, I've thought and thought and thought about posting this picture.  I look positively atrocious (and goodness knows I hope I don't look like this on a regular basis)! 

But let's consider the facts.

  • I'm working out
  • I'm outside in the heat working out
  • It's raining, very windy and my hair is frizzy (why?  One word.  Irene.)
  • Yes, our skinny trainer makes us workout even during hurricanes. 
  • I'm balancing on one foot with a 5 lb. weight ball and squatting to make the ball touch the ground (it's a wonder you got a smile out of me at all!)
  • There's a camera in my face while I'm trying to complete said balance (in heavy winds), said squat (with said 5 lb. ball), smile (at said *lovely* camera) and oh with the cramp that is eaking into my rear as I'm trying to do all this.
So, can you blame me for having a bad picture?
BUT, not one of these things caused me to take off my pearls.  Not one!

Okay, I simply forgot to take them off and didn't realize it until I was in plank position with the necklace hanging in my face and said "huh, I forgot to take off my pearls."

Happy Thursday Y'all and to all my North Carolina, South Carolina (including Ashleigh who is there on vacation) and Upper East Coast friends: hope you all say safe with Irene.  Yes, we're getting it here in South Florida, but it's slight as it's well off our coast but it is NOT pretty.  It's very rainy and very windy.  So please northern friends.....take heed and PREPARE!!  This is one nasty girl!


  1. Look at those arms! You work it girl!

  2. Aw, you look so cute. Pearls and all! :)

    Thinking of those in Irene's path. Stay safe!

  3. Haha, love that! You could be the poster woman for a pearl company. I agree with Amy, look at those arms wowww would love to look like that!

  4. What an adorable picture. Good for you. Work it, as they say, and stay safe.

  5. You are too cute!!!
    Have a great weekend pearls & all :)